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Who Wrote Book Of Mormons
All belief systems adapt over time or die out. Look at the teachings of the OT vs the NT. Look at the teachings of Christ vs the teachings of Paul.

Do any Jews today have animal sacrifices? Do any practice "stoning"?

Early Mormon belief does differ from Modern Mormon belief. Early Mormons believed in polygamy, the trinity, communal type living, and a strong religious-political structure. All of these beliefs are now either forgotten or quietly avoided by the main mormon church.

Christ and his first apostles believed that heavenly rewards would be based largely on our actions and motivations. Paul seemed to teach that salvation was much more just based on accepting Christ (belief, faith or predestination).

Mormon Spiritual Children
The scripture that says that they neither "marry nor are given in marriage" excludes one major category "remain married". In biblical times, men "married" women and women were "given in marriage" to men. So all that is being said in that scripture is that in heaven marriage ceremonies do not occur. It neither says that marriage continues or is non-existent. Mormons may be wrong about their view of marriage, but that one scriptural answer is silent about whether marriages that occurred before going to heaven would be considered valid in heaven.

Martin Luther Opposed Works
Read the N.T. carefully, especially Christ's own words. If you notice, there is a lot of evidence for works being important. It is really almost entirely a Pauline doctrine or maybe a misconstruing of Paul's teachings that brings with it a condemnation of "works". Many many times Christ taught the importance of how we treat others. His teachings are almost endless about our need to do what is right and that god will judge us by our works, words and even our thoughts. The Book of James and some of Peters writings seem specifically meant to counter the teachings of Paul. Works do not diminish the grace of Christ. Just as I do not value a gift less because it was granted upon conditions that I follow the givers will.

Gospel Preached To The Dead
Peter and Paul seemed to have some sort of belief in an ongoing ministry for and among the dead. Paul said, "else why are they baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all". Paul was saying, "hey you know there are baptisms being performed for the dead and why would anyone do this if the dead aren't ressurected". Peter is saying that the dead were preached too by Christ after Christ died. So you have Peter saying that Christ ministered and taught the spirits of the dead and you have Paul saying that people were doing baptisms for these dead people because they knew that there was a ressurection of the dead.

Is The Bible Perfect
The bible is man's words relative to their religious experiences. I do not believe that God has miraculously prevented each biblical writer from errors in judgement, errors in memory, errors in writing, nor do I believe that he has protected each translator from making mistakes or even inserting bias. I believe that those who look for each word, sentence or verse to be perfect are making the Bible their God and not God himself. I believe the bible is best read and understood as to broad concepts of goodness, not to over analyze each bit of minutia, that often becomes distorted by over magnifying the miniscule and by over emphasizing the passing comment.

Is Darwinism Science Or Religion
Darwining fanatics are like most fanatics, they see what they want to see in everything. Its like the religious fanatics that see a picture of Mary in an inkblot.
I believe in God, but also believe that God most likely used evolutionary type processes to bring the world to what it is now. I see the world around me that only a being as great and powerful as God could have created. The world is God's creation and is thus also his record. If it is a record that includes millions of years of fossils and stratified dirt and ice records, that is still God's record. I seek God's truth whereever he will allow me to find it.

Should Churches Be Taxed
I like the quote,"the power to tax, is the power to destroy". That always makes me fear the taxation of churches. On the other hand, I believe that every person and every entity or organization should seek not to burden others. So, if property tax is necessary to provide streets that go to and come from churches, or to provide fire departments that can put out a fire at a church, or for police that can respond to a call for help from those at church, it seems only fair and right that a church pays its fair share.

Spare The Rod Spoiled Kid
Christ said "turn the other cheek" in referring to dealing with peers, not with a child (as a parent). Not every child needs physical dicipline. However, I know many parents claim their children are doing just fine without discpline, but my life experience and also having worked at schools is that the kids who get the least discipline at home or the least consistent displine are those that are the biggest physical and emotional bullies and biggest behavioral problems. Eventually good peer pressure and some consistency of displine at school turns most of these kids around. No thanks to the parent! As fewer parents displine, its becoming almost impossible to turn kids around.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Talking and teaching are not the same thing as disciplining - just as a law is not the same thing as punishment. If there is no punishment, there is not law. Parents sometimes make the displining so difficult on themselves that they end up not following through consistently and then giving up all together. Biblically physical displining is sound, but not necessarily preferred. Also, just remember that a few generations ago, physical discipline was regularly occuring at home, at school and even at puritanical churches. Despite the potential for abuse, it is amazing that we didn't have kids planning and executing Columbine disasters back then, nor were there so many kids without conscience, manners or self discipline.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I enjoy the humor here and the insightful sarcism. Some may have missed my attempt at it. Just in case, I will be clear, so that they don't go wild and abuse their kids. Punishments to one degree or another cause physical, mental or emotional discomfort. The term discipline has a double meaning of self control as well as disciplinary type punishmnet, because the two have traditionally been thought and taught to coincide. A loving parent generally uses the least punishment possible to train the child. Spoiled unruly children are not happier and do not become better people. They are a product of parents who failed to parent. A light slap or similar spanking is not significantly different than other minor punishments that parents use.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
The problem is not with the truly needy that need help, the problem is a governmental system. God intended for charity to be done from the heart. We are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. Christ then gives the example of the good samaritan. He didn't give the example of a big government program, but of an individual reaching out to an individual and voluntarily and lovingly helping. Christ's way builds bonds of love between the giver and the recepient. Anyone who has worked with governmental programs realizes that government programs bring bondage, dependence and an ungrateful sense of entitlement, not loving bonds of friendship.

Evolution versus Creationism
I still stand by the thought that no man could have created the earth, so it is a more unbiased record than any man written book. For example, if the bible says there was a global flood and the earth shows that there was not a global flood, I feel much more inclined to assume that God's record that exists in the earth is less likely to be faulty than a book that was obviously written by men and translated by men and probably handed down verbally for generations by men before ever even being written down. I do not wish to attack those who believe the bible to be literal and infallible, but I'm bothered when these extremists want me to put aside my conscience, common sense and reason to just "believe" like they do.

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
I doubt the rcc came up with the trinity concept. The debate is very ancient. It is understandable why early christians argued about this, because the books of the bible were not yet canonized. Until canonization, people may have only read certain books or only agreed with certain books. It wasn't until canonization times that people felt the need to "harmonize" the perceived differences between the books. For example Matt, Mark and Luke are not very supportive of a trinity concept, whereas John is more supportive. So if someone rejected John, they would have naturally believed differently than those who accepted the book of John. This also goes for those who rejected or accepted Paul.

Friend Becoming A Mormon
I don't know a Christian faith or any faith that is perfect. They all have differences and cannot all be correct, so I would be slow to get on some "high horse". Also, all Christian faiths with any history have some bad history that I know about. Roman Catholics have had their inquisitions. Protestants have had their witch hunts. Southern Baptists have had their close connections with the violent and racist KKK. Mormons had their time of doing polygamy. Most protestants and mormons banned Blacks from key leadership till sometime in the 1800's to 1900's. What I am saying is, be honest and humble enough to seek the truth WITH your friend, rather than talk down to your friend. You may not agree, but don't make him your enemy.

Evolution versus Creationism
Get past the extremist creationist types. They will be dishonest with themselves and disregard the most obvious evidence and try to get you to believe the same. My biggest fear from these types is that in their extremism they will drive the honest seeker of truth clean away from christianity and religion. I know this is rude, but I really don't believe that any unbiased knowledgeable person can disregard the earthly evidence. I believe that the earth itself is a more accurate record of God's work than man's stories about God's work that may be written in any book, including the bible. Men wrote the bible (maybe at God's direction), but men could not have made the earth, so its record is less corrupted by men.

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