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Unanswered Prayer Unheard
1st,we need to understand that our prayers are sometimes answered without our awareness of the answer. His answer is different than what we expect. But sometimes God does not hear our prayer due to repititious unconfessed sin in our lives. He cannot look upon sin so that He cannot look upon us until we confess and repent. Therefore we are actually praying to the wind. With a pure heart, God hears all prayer and answers them if prayed without doubt.

Love To Dance For God
Michelle, I love to watch the younger women dance in church and wish they didn't have some kind of cultural thing about the older women doing it too. boo:( But I too love to dance before the Lord at home with my 27 yr old and 9yr old at home and by myself as well. It really feels like true worship.:)

Against Flags Or Banners
Some Christians are concerned about the Commandment regarding worshiping an image or idolatry in general. I would rather see them overreact in this way than to have them praying to dead people like saints or Mary. :)

Are You Certain Of Salvation
Thank you Mima and Mark. I had no idea that I was comming across so deciently:)
May His peace reside in you both, SPLAA

Word Of Wisdom Or Knowledge
Wisdom has to do with life situations and understanding should I marry this man?or what did God mean when it says?)to answer those questions requires wisdom from above. Knowledge is specific. God may give a word of knowledge to JOHN like that the 'Church should not meet on weds night this week' and so John tells the pastor who values John't gift. Sure enough, there is a flood that evening about 7:45 and the low water crossings make it impossible to leave the church for home.

Do Smokers Go To Heaven
Well let me ask you this (i do not smoke)Are fat people who continue to be gluttons even when the doctor tell them that if they do not loose weight that their heart will give out,SAVED? Are shopaholocics who seem to be idolaters Saved? How about workaholics who spend extra time to make extra money that they do not need and neglect their families,Saved?Obsessed golfers,Saved? Football addicts,saved? Computer addicts,Saved? We all have work to do.

Saved But Sin Before You Die
A christians bad works are simply burned off at the judgment seat of Christ. The reward that they recieve for bad works(sin) is loss of a good reward. So if there is an unconfessed sin, and a person is truely saved, the person goes to heaven but recieves less good rewards.:)

Are God-Parents Scriptural
I haven't read it anywhere but I would guess that it's roots are RCC. I have known people who had God parents and have no idea where they are as adults. I suppose the purpose is to take custody of a child if anything happend to the parents. I will tell you this,any God parent whoul have a huge fight if they tried to take a grandchild of MINE.:)

What Day Is The Sabbath
Catherine)You are so right. We underestimate the consequences of not exercising our liberty in Christ. The law has not changed but to focus upon it is sin do to the law of liberty. While we focus upon it we become spiritually dead. We miss the newness of each new day in the Lord and HIS will in His Holy Spirit of LOVE which does not take us into the Law but into service. It breaks my heart to see people believe a strong delusion that has been put before them.

How Did We Get Different Races
Denna)Thank you. I had never really question this as I believed that the people of Jesus' time were colored as the Middle Easterners. Why I do not know but just a preconcieved notion. But your scriptures are accurate and as usual it all goes back to Iraq! Interesting. The question remains,where did white,yellow,lt brown skin come from?:)

Did God Inspire The Bible
Well, everyone knows the related scriptures. The word is God breathed,alive,sharper than a two edged sword piercing even to the marrow of the bone, never returning null and void, never passing away when all else is gone. Inspired? Jesus IS THE WORD. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. Meditate on all of that:)

Are You Certain Of Salvation
It plays a major role. Since the Holy Spirit is constantly prompting,witnissing and comforting me, I know without a doubt that I am Gods' property. Without this kind of relationship, I would be unable to speak with others about our Sabior with any confidence or power. My enthusiasm does not come from me but from the Spirit with in me. I am certainly not perfected and make many mistakes, but I know that Jesus nailed my mistakes to the cross. Praise Jesus!

What Should I Pray For
Michelle, Just seek the Lord. Seek Him with all that you have and He will give you favor. I'm not sure that it will be to get your husband back but He rewards those who seek him. Your marriage was not Christ centered so will be difficult to pull back together. Pray for your husbands salvation and possibly your own.:)

What Day Is The Sabbath
Mary,Allan,Frank,Lee,Andrea,Larry,Caleb)note: I was asked a nonsuperficial question that was never addressed by prophetess Helen White: What is the "shadow of things to Come?" Too bad the prophet helen didn't see this as important enough to address. We see dimly now as if in a mirror but when HE comes we will all see clearly. Also the scriptures regarding liberty and grace allow us children of God freedom. Thank you for asking.

God Made Me Sin
I would say"so,what's your point? The mysteries of God are too numerous for me to rationalize. Jeffery Dommer and Charles Mansion will most likely rot in Hell unless they find Jesus Christ. You can join them. It makes no difference who they blame their crimes on. However Bible says that God cannot sin or create sin so go figure. Chose faith or blame, the consequences will still remain."People who say this know better.

Prayer For Jehovah Witness
Candice) I am sorry. I will pray as you asked.

Code Of Hammurabi
I have never heard of this but it is interesting that man is born with a sin nature but seems to be aware of a need to control it. So therefore over time there has always been some type of Law to enforce good behavior and to protect people from one another. At least this is the way I perceive it. I would be interested to know if this code paralleled the 10 commandments or laws of the land.

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