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Study Both NT And OT
Paul is reputed to have written 13 of the 27 books of the NT, which pretty much makes it his book!
That's why we have "Paulites" and Christians today!
Jesus never quoted from the NT but made much reference to the OT. He sent them ot to "make disciples" without Paul's book!
Except for the gospel record of Christ's life and words, who needs Paul? (Pharisee)
He does not figure in to my salvation!

What Does Rule Over Mean
Mark V, What I stated was true. For 30 years Jesus did not have Holy Spirit power.
And did no miracles.
He recieved Holy Spirit at His baptism.(show me where this is not true)
God's Holy Spirit transferred Jesus from His heavenly abode to Mary's womb. (at all times He is and was God's Son!)
**only one is holy and that is God** does not appear in the bible. Saint means Holy person!

Why Evolution Is A Myth
Warwick,**And God said** To who or what? (Holy Spirit?)
**By the "breath" of his mouth** (ruach=spirit)
**33.9 for He spoke** again to who or what?
**straight forward truth** assuming that it is accurately translated from an unknown language!
Rule of thumb=Yom followed by a number!
**six twenty four hour days is what God's word says ** Not!You reach that conclusion by "deduction"

Impressions Of God
Cluny, **Some say..trichotomous body ,body soul and spirit**
Is that what you say? (trichotomous, sounds a little Eloyish....careful!)
The brain is a body organ that determines all our actions and thoughts,soul and spirit do not act independently of our brain!
We are singular entities just like our God!(deut.6.4)
A living soul-nephesh/psyche is any living sentient creature.
Gen 1.26.says image AND likeness!

Celebrating Valentine's Day
Why does everything have to become a "religion"?
We live in a secular world with some days just "significant" like July 4th ! Or Labor day etc.
Fundamentalists always have to "prove" something!
Like "Brother better than you"

Scripture For The Trinity
Christian, You are so shallow! People "worship" all manner of things and people,does that make them a "deity?" (yes but only in their minds)

Warwick, I notice that (again)you say that Thomas has the final authority to state who is God!(even when he was shocked)because "Thomas" uttered these words they absolutely cannot be disputed!(even over Peter)
Strange thing though,he never spoke up when Jesus asked His disciples"Who do you say I am?"

Go To Heaven At Death
Micha, The Saints of the last 600 years were Catholic, you think for one second that they weren't biased?

Mark V, **The Father resurrected the physical body**?
Fundamentalists believe He had a "glorified" body, What then was actually resurrected?? (He couldn't walk through walls with His old body!)
Jesus always referred to the resurrection of the "DEAD" nowhere does it say "resurection of the body"!
Yes I read/study the bible!

Can Christian Spirit Die
Mark V,So your answer is no Christ did not die, but just "shed His body!"
Fundamentalist's belief as I see it= Jesus pretended to die ,His body lie in the tomb whilst he got on Dr.Noah's time machine went back 2,500 years, preached to the fallen angels, then went down to the Greco-Roman Hades too free the prisoners, which means he would have to kill Cerberus (the 3 headed dog guarding Hades) lead the dead out to paradise, then sneak back into the tomb ,put on His old body (showed Thomas)pretending to come back to life!
Truth- Christ died,did not take back His life,The Father gave him a new life and exalted Him to a higher position(Phil.2.9>as a well deserved reward!

Was Jesus God In Human Form
Warwick, ""Why would Jesus grasp at being God when He is God?" Pretty lame statement coming from you!(a little below your intellect)
"I and my Father are one" you're obviously not familiar with Jn.17 huh?
They (Jews) knew what He was claiming?
They knew diddly-squat,What does a "mob" know, only violence .
We had "hooligans" right here this year (G-20 summit) simply bent on causing trouble, Jesus was not "popular" with the masses!
"Any" excuse would suffice!
But you weren't there either! You too like to side with the "popular" evangelicals,in their false(but popular) doctrines.

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