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Halloween And Jack O Lantern
For all of you who say don't mix Christianity with pagean traditions - I guess you celebrate Christmas in April (when the shepards were in their fields, a pope changed it to December), don't have Christmas trees (a pagan tradition), Easter Eggs (pagan fertility tradition) and I could go on and on... Through History Christian leaders have incorporated customs of the people they were trying to reach into their teachings. Why can't/shouldn't we use All Saints Eve to spread light into a world of darkness???

Naming Sins Out Loud In Church
That is how people are chased away from certain churches if the humiliation becomes unbearable.I can relate because one time my husband had gone to church in painting clothes,he had just got off work and had no time to change.We were told we should only stand before the lord in our finest clothes not our work clothes.If we were dressed in gold robes it would not matter to Jesus.He loves us for our intentions,not our imperfections.

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