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What About These Guys
let us not judge him, let Jesus do it, amen, he will have to face Jesus onre day.

Can I Marry A Poor Man
Not sure. how much do you love him? Do you make a decent living yourself?

Marrying A Younger Man
don't listen to anyone but you heart. I am 33 an im seeing a 21 year old man for 1 1/2 years and he the first younger guy I dated in my life and hes the best thing that every happened to me. Plus we work together all our friends are the sme and im a sucessful woman. his parents love me and his family. you only as old as you feel. its a known fact women live longer so enjoy your life!!!!!!!

Can I Remarry My Exhusband
if you had you not remmaried then you could have asked the Lord to reconcile your marriage, but since you have remmaried then let that be that. A similar situation as yours, because I have had only one relationship (non married) since my divorce and I received Christ in my life after that one relationship. I question God and wonder should I reconcile but when i think about what I had to give up and how my unsaved ex does not want to live for God that's time waisted and life is too short.

Should We Celebrate Halloween
You should in no way celebrate halloween. Did you not read the article on this web site about halloween. To the lady who said her and kids dress up and have fun but don't participate in satanic rituals you are wrong. You are participating. We Christians are to have nothing to do with evil and that is all halloween is. Please do some research.

Do I Need A Bible
I am going to have to split this answer in two-three parts (it's too long for one entry). You need the word and you need the spirit. The bible says that if you are not in relationship with the spirit, you won't understand the things of the spirit, so the first important thing is to become one with the lord through talking to him about every detail,every emotion every moment of your day (as much as you can, but make a strong effort until it becomes second nature).

Do I Need A Bible
Moses in the book of exodus didn't have the bible and knew God by heart. He couldn't barely speak but he was the perfect vessel for God. Our bibles is that our blue print, our example of how to live and how not to live, the source of our spiritual education, our source of peace joy love etc comes through this book. God is the word and when we apply his word (comes from the bible)his power is manifested in our lives.

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