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I Need A Good Pastor In Church
i hope you have found that pastor
have you

Drinking Alcohol Moderately
Hi...many Christians struggle with this question. The bible speaks clearly about what wine (alcohol) does to the mind and body and every description...Gen 9:21-24, and Proverbs a problem for man.

One problem with man is that a little is usually not enough and there may be an addiction without even realizing it.

Another point, the wine in those days was very diluted compared to our processing of wine is totally different.

The final reason is that a Christian should be concerned about other Christians who do not drink and the setting of an example for them also.
Hope that helps.

Do You Fear God
There is little fear(respect) of the Lord. One of the reasons is that people fear Heaven more than they do a place of punishment. You see, they fear perpetual dissatisfation or boredom more than pain. They liken their lives down here to punishment, but they find moments of relief within that punishment. If they "open up Heaven" and it's a disappointment, than they have nothing left and all hope is gone. Better to leave the box(Heaven) unopened than to open it up and be disappointed.

Capital Punishment And Abortion
Both parties are wrong on both issues. We don't take another life unless it's in the midst of protecting or saving another life. A government has a right to use just enough force to prevent further attacks like we did in Afghanistan. Individually, it is a different matter. The death penalty doesn't take into account repentance, mercy or forgiveness. That doesn't mean we let murderers out, it means we demonstrate better character than them. It's when we are tested that our true Godly character shines through. Anyone can say kill a killer or let an innocent person live. The last thing is , there is no justice when a person kills multiple people, it doesn't equal out, only God can set things straight.

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