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Do Teenagers Deserve Privacy
I certainly agree to give our teenagers pricacy in their rooms. I have a very close relationship with my teenagers and comes with respect on both sides. I only go in their private rooms when they are at home and when they are sick in their rooms. I am allowed to clean in there once a week and they always welcome me into their private rooms. I dont have problems cos we have a great understanding and respect for each other. They trust us both as we do them.

Poor People Make Good Christians
Silas the rich fella gave everything he had till he was left with nothing. Jesus advised Him to and took him long to do. Rich can be easily won over to Christ by the right person also. The poor had nothing else to loose anyhow that is why tis easier to win them.

My Husband Hits Me
Honey, this is what I did when my hub whacked me on the head oneday...I gave it straight back to him and much more..I bit him hard and gave it to him till he begged me to stop...He was taller than me. Now I told him if he ever try again, I will do worse so leave me alone unless he has love for me lol...He never touched me again. I will not let any man handle me like that ..we women deserve some respect also. we work hard all day and go to bed when everyone is to.

Roles Of Women In Church
tis so simple to read scripture yet so hard for us today to follow to the letter. Scripture simply says women are not to talk in the church. To me, that means no preaching, teaching etc also. But they can do these in halls, meetings etc but not in church. Scripture is talking about in church. Sermons are mens territory yet women like to take does not make things right that80-90% of church are women and they can preach no no..just obey God's commands..and things will be right. He can supply preachers should we run short..Just pray and believe believe believer

Favorite Book Of The Bible
we should not favour a portion of God's Word. It is like favouring Christ's leg and not the rest of His body. Remember friends, this is Christ our Lord your talking about. You should favour the whole scriipture from the begining to the end..

Husband Never Gives Me Gifts
I love to receive a gift from my husband however, that is only a dream for me. Men dont realise that little things mean so much to some of us women. Years ago, my husband asked me what I wanted for xmas and I pointed it out at the shop. He bought me what he rather liked instead of what I wanted. I complained and 40 years later, nothing. some men are so thoughtless and selfishly mean and dominating.

Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
at times I get so hurt with my husbands verbal abuse. tis so sad that we use to have a loving relationship till I decided to leave the party scene and accept Christ in my life. My turning away from the party scene didnt go down well with hubby so the verbal abuse started when ever an arguement. be strong friend, the devil will do all to ruin you so hold on if you are in Christ. Hold on till He comes. Pray, pray, pray. I do.

Sinful To Be Cremated Christian
no isnt sinful to be creamated. just a fastforwarding of the process. we still go back to dirt again only quicker. just dont limit God in what He can do. wherever your dust has lain, God can easily collect it all together as He calls you up to be with Him. He is an awesome God

Do You Hate Liars
There is nothing good that comes from a lie. Tell the truth, even if it hurts. Ouch.

Am I Just Being Stupid
Bless your heart, You're a better women than I am! My hackles are rising just thinking about it. I call it just plain rude. They're rude and your husband isn't much better. He should be hurt for you when he sees them treating you this way and make provision to deter it.

Is Male Companionship Cheating
Listen to what these people are saying. Your marriage seems to be on a downhill slide already. He doesn't want to be around you, so he seeks others to hang out with. Your husband has a problem, don't turn it into a bigger one. Pray and talk to your husband. I'm sorry.

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