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Husband Is Mean To My Kid
your first resposibility is to your son. IF your new husband cannot love an encourage him as a " Dad" should _then you should not subject your poor son to that type of treatment. HE's been trough enough. Obviously you and his Dad are not together. The best thing for him would be for you to focus on him, raise him until he is 18 -then you can marry anyone you want. I have seen very few marriages work when children are brought in. Its always the child that gets the short end of the stick.

Praying For A Husband
I've been praying to God for a husband too, I've never been married, but I would love to in the near future, even if that's my desire it might not be God's will for me (time will only tell). And is true that the bible does not agree with divorce, but our God is full of grace and he will always forgive our mistakes, just pray that he will guide you in the right path to find that person and put God above all in your life even your desire for a husband. I will pray for you to find a husband also. God bless

What Is A Revival
revival does mean an awakening, but it has a life even outside of that! it's a refreshning to god's war wereay soldiers and a brand new start to the unbelievers who will her his voice! it's a total change naturally and spiritually. like a cool breeze on a warm day or that first sip of cold water on a very hot day it can be mind blowing and humble all at the same time. in short revival is necessary in this life no matter what stage of god your in or if you have never even met him.

Do You Weekly Attend Church
I go every sunday after work. I'm a little sleepy during the service but I feel closer to God afterwards. My husband has been a Baptist forever but he only seems to want to go when I want to go, but just recently he has shown more interest in the Lord and he even pointed out a bible study group meeting and asked if I wanted to go.

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