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Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
I conclude in Apostle Paul writings in the Bible that, "He is happy when the gospel was preached by anyone on whatever motive, for the gospel of Christ has the power to save every person.

If this is the most effective way to share the gospel to many, its a good means to reach for them.

Looks comfortable, but for those who are interested to go deeper, they can pray and God surely answer those who seeks to be deeper in God.

Joel, keep up the good work, your style is widely encouraging and acceptable even in the homes of muslim nations. Its amazing to know that muslim watch and listen in your teaching in whatever intention they had. And the best thing, they knew you use the Bible and presented Jesus is savior.

I Never Loved My Husband
I feel the same way you do. I was married about a year ago, and I don't remember the last time I felt love in my heart for him. We are both in the military, stationed in different states and separated for our entire marriage. Our phone conversations get shorter and shorter, our visits inadequate to heal the growing rift. I find myself wondering if we will ever get to have a life together. I pray every day for our marriage.

Is There Redemption For Adam
It takes two people to agree.

Husband Woke Up In Another Bed
I agree with madison.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
I agree with Madison.We should worship God.We should not care how we do dress because God see's us everyday.

How To Witness To Friends
You don't relate to them.You find new "christain" friends.Those are your real friends.The others were people you knew.

Christians Observe Pagan Days
Many celebrate Thanks giving, Saint Patricks day, April fools, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Halloween. So what holidays should Christians celebrate?

How Should A Boyfriend Treat
Do not worry how a boyfriend should treat you because God will decided.

Is There Redemption For Adam
It takes two people to agree.

Christians Follow Worldly Holidays
I don't think we should. We are foreigners of this world. we dont belong to this world .

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
I think it might turn out to be a man as the anti christ.

How To Show Attraction
Serpent? Sounds more like lucifer.

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