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God Wakes Me Up
i dont have an answer just a question.. My friend and her husband have been woken up by a knocking on their door... middle of the night loudly and no one is there different times seperately . they just reveiled it to each other... i said i would ask and see if anyone has a clue what it would mean spiritualy

Supernatural God Experience
I Have had many supernatural encounters with jesus the father and holy spirit. I was taken up and was taught many things from jesus..He reveiled so much about us and The love for his father ..I come back changed each time.I only share details with those who are open... and not for a debate... Thank you so much for sharing your encounters He loves it when we talk about what he has done for us ... sue

Wonder If I Will Ever Get Married
I am in the same situation. If you look around, christian women find that, the godly mate etc so I don't think you're asking too much.I've come to this conclusion, as a christian there are some things I cannot do, which the world does comfortably and are happy. The only way I see out is God. I can't make anything happen, I can seek, knock and God promises to answer. I know that. I wish I knew why some wait so long for love, while others have enough to throw back. Trust in God,I like Job though he slay me I will trust him. I believe that God will honor that kind of trust and dependence. Pray and trust

New Hobby Blog
Its a nice idea to have a hobby blog. Mine is water painting. I'm trying to paint faces now and it's hard. I dont think I was born with natural talent, but I can learn it which makes it hard.!

God's Will For My Job
Do you perceive a conflict between your husband's desire and what God would have you do? (in respect to your job?)

Life More Abundantly
i am struggling with that right now. i don't feel as if i am living my life abundantly. i feel tired and stressed. i am in law school and that is basically my life now. i don't have a job i like nor am i doing anything that i feel is contributing to spreading the word of God or aiding others. i had an opportunity to be a big sister to a young girl who i felt needed me but i couldn't because i am so busy with school and they asked for assistance in the church for a youth rally and i couldn't help because of school. i feel that it is in the school is in the way but i can't quit because i have nothing else. i pray about it but i don't know what to do.

Mummy's Boy Husband
There's really no solution to it. we live an ocean away but she sent 5+ msgs daily. Tell him her life is w/o hope during holidays. she also come and lives w/ us 4 mo in a yr, esp since grandkids were born. It's only going downhill. One has to be realistic. Blood is afterall thicker.

Billy Graham's Salvation Belief
Maybe Robert Schuller but not Billy Graham believes that. There must have been a misunderstanding about that. If you have ever heard any of Graham's sermons then there would be no question about him. On the other hand if you have heard Robert Schuller there might be questions about what he believes. Requardless of what they believe, What do you believe?

Who is Joyce Meyer?
joyce meyer"s teaching promotes good bible teaching.

Explain Zechariah 4:2-14
Who ever the two witnesses are , they live on by the blood of their ancestors . Their forfathers were probably Joshuah and Zerrubable . That is probably how they live on to this day,they have the same blood. The word to Zruavel not by force not by power but by my spirit.

Who is John Hagee?
daphin, There is a difference of not judging the lost, but yes we need to share the Gospel with them.There is a difference between that kind of a sinner and someone who already thinks hes a christian and leading other people. Mr. Hagee, has already prophesied twice on a subject and was wrong, look under duet. He is not of God.

Is This Prophetess Of God
I feel that all God's instruments will be held accountable for the work that they do. We must first realize that first JB is human like the rest of us. All sin and come short of the glory of God. Being that she is employed by God, she is managed by God also. He will handle her or any other minister who could be possibly misrepresenting Him. Study and show yourselves approval to unclothed wolves in sheep clothing. I do not agree with many ministries, but i leave the judging up to God. Turn the channel.

Should Only Men Work Not Women
I'm new to Christianet Blogs so I hope I do this right. I believe it is Biblical for the mothers to stay in the home as the children grow up. I know this is not always possible for various reasons but I believe this is by far the best way to raise a family. The children are taught from the onset that God takes care of our needs and that God gives Dad the grace and strength to go out and earn a living for his family. Sue9746

Are There Female Angels
it has been said that gabriel is the only archangel who has occasinally appeared in a distinctly female form

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
You are lucky. Our pastor is lucky if he works an hour a day! He seems to feel that he only needs to give a serman, and not prepare for the children's serman, but say something off the look at the birds out there, it looks like spring, well, the birds were there a couple hours ago

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