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Who Are The Wicked
Anybody who has misled others in order to change their destiny

Offended By Women Pastors
I dont think women are supposed to be pastors or preachers,and no I wouldnt get up and leave I just wouldnt attend where a woman preaches in the first place.The Bible says a woman should teach the younger women,but they should keep silence in the church,and if they want to know anything to ask thier husbands at home,of course on Wed night Bible studies I think its ok for a woman to ask questions because its a Bible study night,no where in the New Testament can you find where a woman was told to preach,if God had wanted women to preach I'm sure it would be stated some where in the New Testament.wouldnt you?

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Let me ask,why do you want a new preacher?As you know not all preachers teach the truth,Paul warned Christians about that in the New 2Tim.3:3 & 4.

Must Christians Tithe
As you stated,the word tithe is not in the New testament,but we are required to give to God.{see 1Cor.16:1,2}to help the work of the church.

Presidential Faith Forum
Here is how I feel about Obama,if he were a true christain he would not uphold abortions,that is murder,if he were a true christain,he would not be for gay marriages,especially when God says it is a sin for man to lie with man.{Lev.18:22}
You cant get any plainer than that on what the Bible says on

that subject,then Obama wants to beat around the bush about these two subjects.Is he afraid he will not get elected if he stands against such morals?

Should We Follow Pagan Holidays
Lois i never sin as i think before i speak and what i do is karma,and karma is our teacher so be carefull what you say as it will hit you 3 fold and jesus will lough with me at you

Are All Christian Bands Good
some christain bands may be ok but,when in woship,according to the bible it is not right,see Ephesians 5:19,Colossians3:16&17

Was Katrina God's Judgement
No God is not at fault here.He loves us& wouldn't bring destruction like that to onyl a few people(unlike in Noahs day& katrina is not like the "flood")Satan is still at work here on this Earth& we must help eachother after natures wrath leaves her mark.

Will You Pray For Me
the lord wants us to be made whole. what you are going through is spiritual surgery, the hurt that you suffer are deep in your heart, they have form roots, and the lord is gentle he does things his own way and he gives us the grace to overcome. tell him you give him permission to search your heart and up lift those roots and with time you will be completly be heal. he gives us rest for a time because he knows our pain. he will retore you. dont be afraid. psalm 23.

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