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Prayer To Stop Smoking
i was delivered by the holy spirit on smoking go to a deliver minster it is a demon his name is tobac. its a demon that makes you smoke the only way to really be cured and not have cravings is to be delivered by getting the demon out. it works for sure.

Parable Of Matthew 20:1-16
I agree with the moderator.

Should I Divorce My Husband
if you are right in saying you know what the bible has to say on this.
you know what to do.
its your life.
dont be fooled by the bull dust replies you have had.
the bible says only adultery is grounds for divorce is a lie.
get a good teacher of bible doctrine and learn real answers for yourself.
and remember its your life, so make your own decisions, right or wrong and then live with them.
if you work with bible doctrine and not with human view point like whatever makes you feel good.You will be ok
i should not be saying all this, sorry

Studied Revelation For Years
how can revelation be an allegory it is very specific?

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
I see nothing wrong with paddling your teenage daughter, if it corrects the behavior.

Do I Tell Spouse Of My Affair
You do not have to confess your sins to man to gain forgiveness. But you will never have true intimacy with your spouse if you keep your affair a secret. We are made "one" with our spouse (Gen 2:24). As painful as it will be, you must tell your spouse.

What Is A Celtic Cross
Scripture tells us that Satan "masquerades as an angel of light." Is it any wonder that he'd want to be symbolized by the sun and try to pervert our own Christian Symbol...the Cross of Salvation?

Suicide Due To Depression
actually, all cases of suicide in the word were due to PRIDE. Depression may be a way of masking the pride. Basically, these people, like all of us are to proud to ask for help. The word says God give GRACE (rememeber that stuff, needed for heaven right) to the humble but refuses the proud. thankfully, I am still ALIVE to change my evil ways.

Perseverance In Hard Times
Read the Word and ALLOW God to give you the peace you need.

Can A Priest Forgive My Sins
emcee is biblically correct! we cant pic and choose scriptures to fit what we want to make of the gospel, but need to except ALL of it. only the Almighty, thru Jesus forgives, but as scripture states, the priest act in persona christi. we need to go to them.

Pope Apologize To The Muslims
all should read pope benedicts book titled "God is Love". actions speak louder then words and when we see beheadings, jail time and total hatred for all outside of islam by thier people, what is one to think or say? VIVA PAPA!

Did Noah Forshadow The Rapture
if the rapture was truth, then we would except 3 occurances of christ. the bible and holy tradition speaks of only 2. noahs ark forshadows the second coming. keep your lamps full!

Christ Left Us For 1,500 Years
if you want to read about cruel murdering, after king george formed the anglican church so he could get a divorcee, the protestants in europe killed thousands of priests, bishops and nuns and burnd down churches. i think it last a few hundred years.

Christ Left Us For 1,500 Years
moderator, you need to read some history and look at what the orthodox and catholics beleive and practice. its pretty much the same.

Christ Left Us For 1,500 Years
my point is that i see alot of anti catholic stuff on here and it is totally wrong, i agree that as today christians we should be as one and not accusing each other of a splinter in their brothers eye.

Persistent Or Vain Repetition Pray
One question that i would like answered is if the rosary prayer is so heretical and anti biblical, why did Jesus give us "the lords prayer'? he said to pray like this, sure we could say it differently each time, but we try to stay within those guidelines. In essences, we are saying the same things over and over again. In addition, why do the angel repeat over and over in prayer "holy, holy, holy" and so on.

Christ Left Us For 1,500 Years
Your response moderator is that there where Christians outside of the Catholic Church like the Protestants of today, can you point me to your historical evidence of this? In addition, are there any of these groups practicing their faith today? I know that the early century Christians where labeled cannibals and where martyred because they truly believed that the bread and wine where Christs body and blood, just like the Orthodox and Catholics still believe and practice today.

Moderator - Eastern Orthodox Christians aren't Catholic. In addition, read the Catholic literature of the mass killings of Christians throughout the Catholic Church prior to the reformation.

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