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If The Rapture Is Fictitious
I have a general admonition to the "Pre-Tribbers" and it is this...READ IT AS IT WAS WRITTEN!
In all the events in Matt.24, WHEN is Christ's return mentioned,
Not until verse 30!
Look at 2nd Thess.2:1-5.
Let no one decieve you...That day will not come UNLESS
1) The Apostasy comes first, and...
2) The man of sin is revealed
What's more, no church mentioned in Rev. 4:1, The "absence" of the church is at best, an argument of silence.

Am I Still Unequally Yoked
Living as a GOOD christian exammple and lifestyle is easy, when they don't see you every hour of the day, However, when they see you 24/7, The test gets harder.
However, Philipians 4:13, Romans 8:26-28, enables us to do it.
Some Great books: Men from Mars, Women From Venus, For Women Only by Shaunti Feldham, and "Unequally Yoked"

War In Iraq About The Oil
MOSTLY... "NO". Why? Well let me give you a few reasons.
1.) Oil would be cheaper than it is now (about 1/3rd less.)
2.)Because "JIHAD" was declared against the US AND Israel-FIRST!
3.) When "JIHAD" is declared, it is required to be finished until there are no combatants left to fight.
4.) Do I Believe that this is a totally just war, no, but we are stuck in it, this people (listed in the Gettysburg Address) will perish from the earth!

War In Iraq About The Oil
2nd Reply...
What happens to this country without oil, or any other country either, as far as that goes?
Answer... It is reduced in Power, Influence, and even in it's ability to protect itself. The Jihadist know this, and that is why THEY are so quick to include oil into the equation. Rr-Vietnam? Until the soviets took it, the USSR had no "warm-water" harbors, or major fields of oil to draw from that they could call their own.

War In Iraq About The Oil
3rd reply...
No... the Jihadist struck U.S. interests and KILLED hundreds of U.S. Citizens FOUR TIMES before we began to hit back in Iraq, and elsewhere.
More importantly, We NEED to support the war effort, because the loser of a jihad-war is...DEAD! In Vietnam, we were one month away from winning due to the elimination of 3/4ths of the NVA,and Linebacker-2. BUT... they heard about the protests in the US against the war and they decided to hang on a few more weeks, and won by default!

Christians Don't Read The Bible
2nd Timothy 2:5, Ps. 119-all (*vs.105*)
B.J. Thomas once had a inspired Gospel Album that pointed out...
When I was saved, I had a hungering for God's word. Thank God, I had a godly mother, who introduced me to this manna thru a Bible coloring book.

I Believe that the hardest part about reading God's word is this: "Opening the cover". (i.e.: Making Time to read, Study, and Memorize.)

Conspiracies Illuminati Chips
I believe that it's because we have a natural curiosity to know what's going on around us, it's a form of being "In Control", BUT...having a conspiracy theory doesn't make them false, either, does it! The Revelation of John is a "Time-Locked-Puzzle" that will make complete sense for that specific time. Meanwhille, we Christians are like amature sleuths, who are making suppositions with the evidence that is increasingly revealed to us.

Flood Of Noah Global
Well, let's see now...
Over 256 different races have a written-story about a world wide flood, including the Native American Indians.
Sea Fossils found in high desert areas, a whale's skeleton found inside a mine in Utah, USA, Hmmm?
150' Redwoods frozen in stasis under Antartica?
How about the Giant-Great Lake that covered from the Rockies to the Sierras:
Uh, Yeah, I THINK SO!

Slain In The Spirit
(Acts 19:1-20) Remember what Jesus said about discerning the type of tree: its by it's fruit! TRY THIS... Stop Judging so quickly and Watch their lives for a Godly change. I know, I've seen The Fakes, The well-meaning-Imitators, and ...I've seen legitimate movements of God. Check it against God's Word: It's in the book! (See 1st Cor, chapters 12,13,+14) I know that the Holy Spirit is active today, otherwise NO ONE would be getting saved, Healed, nor would any be called into ministry on the spot.

Christmas Not In The Bible
Kwanza, Ramadan, and Chinese New Year isn't in the bible either, BUT That's not going to stop me from using them to get the good, no, Great news of a Loving God, who sent his LOving Son to died on the cross for their sins and mine out any way that I can!

Baptised Since Salvation
Yes, I was in June of 1968. Although it was after my salvation, I believe that it was part of my salvation also.

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