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Daughter Lied To CPS
there are kids that are abused but there's also kids that lie to get their way. don't be so quick to judge you never know who's lying the step father or the kid....and dss would rather be safe than really depends on the county state etc. some dss agencies are honest but some are crooks. Google it folks...dss sometimes has agendas for taking kids...government grants etc. Mecklenburg co nc was doing all sorts of crooked things and got busted union co nc a dss worker was charged w child abuse for tying a foster kid to the porch with a dead chicken around his neck I believe and she was getting a big fat foster care check for taking that child in. all im saying is don't be so quick to judge.

Where Did Evil Come From
Evil comes from the heart of man and his jealousy of his siblings. Cain murdered Abel. Josephs brothers sold him to Egypt. Tamar was raped with her coat of many colors.

Healed From Bi-Polar Disorder
i dont understand y almost everybody i talk to dont BELIEVE they can be healed that theres no FAITH that that would actually happen for them its crazy !!!!!! GOD can do ANYTHING i am currently doing a program i so far dont take any meds for my thyroid any more because JESUS healed it praise him its awsome yea of little FAITH crazy Kati Souzas The Healing School is awsome i saw her on Sid Roths Its Supernatural i love his show its been difficult at times but makes so much sense to me

What Is Biblical Modesty
Nothing in excess.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
hi my name is tina and i am married to a man who is 24 years older than me .we have been together 5 years married 2 we have so much in common but here lately i have been stricken with fear about our future by the way we just had a baby .could anyone give some encouragement.

Rise Of The Anti-Christ
Daniel's prophecies tells you much about the Antichrist. The God of the Antichrist will be the God of Forces...How men worship force and power today.He will honor people with gold and silver and precious gems but only those that acknowledge him. Those who honor him will become rich indeed. They will receive glory and worldly honors. He will offer the nations a solution for all their troubles, and be accepted in society. He will upsurp authourity from the rightful rulers. There will be no buying or selling without the mark of the beast. He will come in peaceably and seize the kingdom by intrigue. He will lead many to apostasy and will oppose everything Christlike. He will be a man of sin and not desire women.

Miss California Controversy
The Lord states in the Bible that former things have passed away and He makes all things new...If the lady is going to church and believes in the Word then its possible she has already been forgiven....Then it appears to me that Satan is sabotaging her.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
The best thing you can do for her and yourself is to let her go because you don't accept, respect, love and appreciate who she really is...she is an imperfect human being who God continue the relationship (as boyfriend and girlfriend)would be wrong. As for marriage, as Christ loves the Church and gave himself for her, so a man is to love his wife. I don't think you have the right attitude. Thank God, Christ loved us just the way were are...
You need to draw closer to God. You still have alot to learn about life, what God wants you to do and how to love a woman.

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
Whenever a Jehovahs Witnesses come to my door - I have one question for them - "If I listen to what you have to say - will you come to church with me on Sunday?" As you know they don't believe in going into any other sancturay but their own. By not means I am trying to be funny- one kindness deserves another.

Prayer In Public Schools
I think that prayer will not be back in public schools because there are so many peoople in this generation that doesn't have a religion and if they do have one it had nothing to do with the bible. no, i think kids should be able to carry their bibles to school because it is no harm to other kids.

Okay To Watch Witchcraft Shows
Needing to watch ANY show on tv is making it an idol. T.v has not much as of good shows on it that most adults watch there mostly made for shock and addiction. We have no cable in our house.

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
He knows things no one has ever told him about. When you look at him you can tell he's not all there. adults seem to think he's funny and kids get freaked out. If take him for the day and you'll be on your knees praying for strangth not to hurt him(I have gone through many parenting classes so I have learned to deal with him with out spanking him to death). He knows way too much about god eg The Holy Trinity the most kids his age and has been talking about it since age three.

How Does God Speak To People
How does the mature christian know? Is it faith which can also blind one to what god wants because they want so much for god to talk to them. Where in the bible does it tell us that it's a still voice?

Evil Because Not Healed
My husband has fsh md Starting at 13.He has had many people pray over him with him.He has attended many many healing services. It's to the point now we wonder why this has happened to him (no one in his family has it) and if it's ever going to get better in this short time on earth (never blaming God). Jesus does heal but he also teaches too.

Marry A Former Child Abuser
AN abuser never EVER changes. They may put on the armor of GOD, but deep inside, the abuse still lives. I was married to one, and then found out, they will never change and if it was 9 years, it WAS NOT for physical abuse. So do you want to be afraid of kids being around your home, not sure if they would be abused by him or not, HUGE QUESTION to ask YOURSELF??

My Kids Don't Write Or Call
God said in his word that if you delight yourself in Him, then He will grant the desires of your heart. God is able and faithful to restore your relationship with your children. I pray in agreement with you for God to open the door for you, give you wisdom in this situation, peace that passes all understanding, and heals your broken heart in Jesus's name. Remember Love never fails. your sister in christ
tina 7449

Discern Holy Spirit In People
edna - I have found that when I meet people and have an INSTANT need to be around them more and feel a love that usually takes years of friendship to grow, it's turned out to be the Spirit pouring from them that I have felt a pull to. Hope that helps. Tina

Do Men Desire Spiritual Women
I feel there is too much flesh that is involved in spiritual decisions. If a man or a woman is attracted to the other person's spirit then everything else will fall in place. Christ gave of himself and everything else was covered under all that blood. What else can anyone offer?

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