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I Don't Think God Is Real
I can assure,that God is real,or I would not be here today.Not setting your whole life on God,is the biggest mistake you could ever make.God is real and God is everything...without him,we are nothing.

Does Jesus Heal Today
Well Donna,maybe it's because so many people have trouble believing they are healed.Believe,and you shall recieve.I have been healed and have wittnessed many healings. be blessed,tina8476

Is There A Death Bed Salvation
Whenever we call to him,he is there.Yes-I believe salvation near death,is still salvation.It doesn't matter when you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior,only that you do accept him.

Christmas Put Me In Debt
Buying material "stuff"for people is not showing love.Jesus is the reason for the season.Show them love by introducing them to the one who died for their thats love!

Prayer Request For Baby
J.nonymous,I am praying with you and would really like an up-date on the baby.Don't stop believing for a miracle.

Good People Go To Heaven Or Hell
Gerri,I'm with you-let's have a feast!
Oh yeah,we'll be at his table some day!

Click Here For The Dream Blog
I would definitely be interested in a dream blog!The Lord sometimes speaks to me through dreams and I'm sure he does this with others,as well.Thanks for sugesting it Shear3487! Be Blessed,Tina8476

Pastor's Authority In Church
No one should have more authority over a church than the pastor,but God Himself.My pastor is not an island-we can call on her for anything,at any time,day or night.
Be Blessed,tina8476

Who Has Been Slain In The Spirit
I have been slain in the spirit many times.Those who are not saved,do not understand and often are scared when they see this happen,or think it is fake.I can assure you,it is not. Be Blessed,tina8476

How Does God Speak To You
God speaks to all of us through his word.He sometimes speaks to me through my pastor,or another church member.When I'm really not getting it,he will speak through my dreams.
Be Blessed,Tina8476

Do Real Christians Sin
Sinning,does not mean we are not christian,only that we have made a mistake.We need only to ask Father God for his forgiveness and try our best not to sin again. Be Blessed,tina8476

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