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Spanking Teenage Boys
i got the belt pants down on rare occasions. the last time was 16 when i got caught with marijuana. dad took down my pants and heated my bottom so bad with his belt that i never tried it again.i cried that time but he didn't stop until i had gotten 30 strokes.

I Want A Baby
Through artificial insemination there is NO SIN! You can choose the father and dedicate the child to the Lord!
I want to be a careing Father, but my wife cant have children but I dont want to sin before the Lord! What do you think?

Is Repentance Needed
125 words limit

The thief was a one time accomadation is all. All who use this as a justifacation is HeLL bound, #WHY?

You missed Jesus salvation plan. Depart from me He may say

Repent, be baptize AND filled with Holy Ghost John 3:3-5

The only verse that if you do this you will enter heaven

Look for "Prayer From Jesus"

What Do Women Want


this is a question of relationship. why was eve created? so are you suggesting that christians be single for the rest of their lives?

How Should Obama Use Security


What I have realized is man WILL pervert everything, money, sex, even religion for selfish reasons.
remember jim jones, david koresh, binladen. even televangelist like hinn, copeland, & other 'prosperity preachers' who say that give this amout & with faith poof you will be rich & if it does not work, 'something is wrong with YOU'.

Explain Lazarus Parable
This is not a parable, it is widely accepted that when a person is named it is a testimonial, the "Good Samaritan" and "the widow" with her offering are examples of this. Jesus is teaching several things here. 1) There is no hope for those who go to hell after they die. 2)Though the rich man was good enough to give Lazarus a place to beg, it wasn't enough to save his soul. 3) Even when God reveals Himself tangibly men will still refuse Him. Lastly hell is a place where the most basic needs are impossible to receive, but the soul is eternal, It is vital that the soul is cared for in eternity by God.

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
I do not know much about anything really but I do know one thing thus it has been recorded trought history, all who beleive their religion is THE ONLY path to heaven tend to tell evryone else they are wrong and they won't be saved, because, since they are not practicing the true religion God will punish them...

To really honor God one must understan that God is beyond any religion, any scripture, the true might of God is that he is ALL UNDERSTANDING and ALL ENCOMPASSING

Is Miss California Sinning
Alan could please answer the blog question as I really don't know what you believe.

Are AIG Bonuses Bad
Does aig stand for all income grabbers?

What Does Born Again Mean
It means when you give your heart to God.
And when you do he gets all the sin,out of
you and you become a new beeing. Other words your a new Babe in Christ.And the old man died out.

Who is Charles Stanley?
He is an sincere, but dishonest.
The Bible IS the words of Man, NOT words from God. So he is a purveyor of myths and lies. The brutal truth is that the claim of divine ispiration is a LIE.
Thereafter, all the theology and false doctrine falls away.
Sadly Christianity is a self-righeous bundle of lies with no basis in science or reality. There is no spirtual salvation out there. No truth to the teachings.
So all preachers are in fact false prophets. Do your homework and do not seek truth where there is none.

See Demons Everywhere
its not a mental ilness lisa i know you were not talking to me but i see the demones as well not in no wall or enything like that they go ever i go and then when i thank they are gone they come back iv seen them show there full figure a few times and i know what i have is a gift becuse it came from god they will leave when rebuked

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
David. Jesus said that we will know a prophet by his fruits and not by his tapes or teaching. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit. We have people who will come forward to testify to cruelty and abuse he did in private. David, do not follow men . If your life has been a misery it is because you have received a false prophet and have not let go of him and embraced Jesus as your only teacher.

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
Anyone who endorses Benny Hinn is tolerating evil done to beloved brothers and shedding innocent blood. RT Kendall proves his true colours by preaching with Hinn. To me it is plain and believable since many others don't want to touch RT Kendall. He is bad news!
Anyone who cannot see this is a coward and even blinder than non-believers who see Hinn as an obvious fraud

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
Lloyd-Jones in his private life was loving. Hardly anyone has anything bad to say about him. Lloyd-Jone's church was always full WITHOUT weekly street evangelism. RT Kendall's numbers DECREASED even with so many members evangelizing. RT Kendall used his members as evangelism pawns and STILL the church numbers dwindled. 1+1=2 and giving to the poor in public is not a sign of LOVE.. read Corinthians. Jesus also taught that hypocrites are evil in secret..A prophet is known by what he does in SECRET

Who is John Hagee?
John Hagee is a brilliant person, but ignores scripture that classifies him as an adulterer who lost his priviledge to preach the Gospel when he wrote his wife a writ of divorcement and married a woman 12 years his junior in the congregation. His first wife had 2 children. His denomination defrocked him and he was no longer blameless to serve God in the ministry as a pastor. He is also a glutton who has no control over his own appetite.

Let There Be Light Created What
now this is just my point of view.light scripturally means to be able to see, to be able to comprehend ,to walk in the knowledge.perhaps god when he said let there be light meant perceivable righteous,his glory,his perceivable presence.scripture talks about how men loved the darkness and avoided the light so there deeds might not be seen.light is spiritual awareness. maybe god created the ability to be spiritual aware of him??? or maybe his just let his glory light the unuverse.

Should Bush Tap Our Telephones
I dont have a problem with it. If your not doing anything wrong you dont have anything to worry about.

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