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Cut Off Non-Believing Family
Absolutely NOT! We are to pray for and witness to those in our family who are not believers, yet, hoping that the Lord will draw them to Himself. The cutting off jesus was speaking of was parts of our own body that offend, indicating that we should hate sin so strongly that we would be willing to mutilate our bodies if necessary to prevent the offense. He was not necessarily telling us to mutilate ourselves either, but to be ever watchful of our actions.

Financial Hard Times
Are you saying Christians should not tithe? I definately do not agree with that. I'm always blessed after I tithe, especial big ones. Have you ever given a BIG tithe? Just to see what kind of blessing God will provide?

Caveman Before Adam
look up nephilim / neanderthal

LDS Not The Tribe Of Isreal
There are over 300 different sects of mormonism. Joseph Smith said he was better then jesus at keeping a church together. One more lie

you tube has information ptoving mormons were not the lost tribe. some mormons did DnA studies and proved he lied again and that the lds church knew about it for decades but won,'t admit it. Now they are changing the book of mormon again

Religious Extremeism A Threat
It will be the awful violence and terror of the fundamen- talist muslims that will cause the Christles church to compromise in the end. If God tells us in His word that the end will come this way, who are we to change that? His plan is to allow Satan to run his course and then to be proved wrong. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. The divine court of God. We can't change that.

How Did We Get Different Races
Joseph, Chapter 1 of Genesis 26-29 paints a different picture than Chapter 2. Chap. 2 is a continuation not more detail. Read what man can eat vs.29. No mention of the forbidden fruit. Also, God looked on everything that he had made and behold it was very good, vs. 31. Would he have said that or rested then if sin had entered into the world? Can anyone believe that the Lord would have Adams sons marry their sisters? Not a chance. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

How Did We Get Different Races
Gen. 1 was beasts first then man. Gen. 2 17-20 the order of creation is man first, beasts next. That indicates a separate incident. Adam was made from the earth by Gods hands, not just spoken into existence. God breathed into his nostrils and man became a living soul. A new kind of man, with a soul. Also, Who were the sons of god looking on the daughters of man in Chap. 6 if there were not two distinct groups of humanity. Adam like Jesus came into a populated world.

Origin Of Catholic Church
When Jesus was told that His mother and brothers were outside He said, Who is my mother, who are my brothers, they are these that hear the word of God and do it. Mary is revered but she is at the core of the false doctrine perpetrated by the RCC. He is all in all. We are complete in Him. We don't need another advocate. He ever liveth to make intercession for us. He died on the cross for us, not his mother. She is still in her grave. He is not.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
I was a Catholic for 22 years. My Grandmother for over 70 years. We were saved in 1971. I have studied His word ever since. When you know the author personally, you better understand what He is saying. It is my contention that the Roman Leadership just turned their secular roles in for spiritual roles. What do you think happened to the Roman Infrastructure after Constantine had his revelation? They became the church leaders. Do you think they all had a come to Jesus moment? I think not.

Religious Extremeism A Threat
Matthew, it is the religious extremism that we see today in the form of Islam which will bring the other religions together in the spirit of ecumenicalism. I believe that this international compromise between the great churches which are not founded in Christ will bring the end. Satan will occupy the body of the one world leader at that point.

Origin Of Catholic Church
The basis of false doctrine is contained in the concept that Mary gave birth to God. Jesus was God in the flesh, that is true, born of a virgin and she is blessed amongst all women, but if she is the mother of God, than who was the God of the Old Testament? Remember the Empire was filled with temples to all kinds of false gods. When the conversion took place, they just changed the names. It's that simple.

Two Witnesses Real People
The two olive trees and the two candlesticks that stand before the God of all the earth. Olive trees are the source of the anointing oil, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, pouring out of their Spirit on the Body of Christ, some of us, and the 144,000 Jews sealed for that day. The antichrist makes war on them, internationally and kills them. Just before the last trumpet sounds.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
Peter was claimed by the Roman Catholic Church to be the first Pope. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was crucified upside down in Rome by Rome. Theirs is the message of obedience to man. Call no man on earth Father, Jesus said, for you have one father which is in heaven. Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for us, not any man and especially not a Priest. They are the deeds of the Nicolaitins spoken of in Revelations. Not true Christianity though many Catholics are true Christians.

Christ's Linen Napkin
Jesus did this so that Bible believing Christians would not be tempted to believe in iconic symbols like the shroud of Turin only to have their faith dashed later. Jesus knows all things, past, present and future. If His head was covered with a separate piece of cloth, the shroud is a fake.

Before Adam And Eve
Gen. 1 tells us on day 6 that man and woman could eat all the fruit on the earth. No mention of forbidden fruit. Also, if sin had entered into the world on day 6, would God have rested? Cain went to the land of Ur and got him a wife. He did not marry his sister. Read it for yourself.

Before Adam And Eve
Rita H, of course we are all descendants of Adam. Remember that the flood of Noah resulted in the bloodline being reduced to Noah and his sons and wives. Jesus is called the second Adam. He came into a world already populated just as the first Adam did. If not, how do you explain the sons of God and the daughters of men in Genesis 3?

Origin Of Catholic Church
Remember that Rome was a melting pot for all religions of the world. Throughout the empire were believers in all manner of idols. The first commandment tells us not to make graven images, not to bow down and worship them. Can Rcc be the religion of Christ. I think not. He is Lord.

Statues Of The Virgin Mary
When I was a kid, me and my cousin Frankie, collected all the statues that we could find in the neighborhood, even a couple from our Catholic Church. We set up a game, 'bowling with idols', right in my parents driveway. We laughed for hours, it was fun! Did we get beat when father Oflynn, found out. Wooo hooo! After that we just stole the priests wine after Mass. one time we lit the incense and it smoked up the place and we cut out of there quick. Those were the days. This blog just brought back memories.

Baptized Two Times
I got baptised as a baby, but it was not really a baptism. It was a Catholic baptism which does not count. When I left the Catholic Church, God showed me that this is a form of obediance that I had to choose to do. I did, and it was great!

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