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Does God Answer Prayers
When I was a little boy I prayed for a brother or sister because I was the only child. When I was 15 I prayed that the first female I fell for would be my everlasting because I did'nt want to endup whoring and chasing strange women. These prayers were never answered, instead I recieved the opposite. From pressure of my youth I gave in at the age of 21 and ended up whoring till 32. Since then I have never been with anyone and have prayed endlessly for a wife. During this time I have been constantly laught at and humiliated being the butt of jokes, I'm 54 endlessly frustrated and have lost hope.

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
I am 43 and I don't see anything wrong with. A man having a relationship with a 25 year old. All that matters is if they are happy together

Can God Forgive Satan
I think its cause he cant probably wrong, as im filled with fault and i wouldnt know anyways...yet i feel compelled to beleieve...and to at least imagine...a heaven where even lucifer could be found...that he, as he was at a point in his existence...was happy there...forever...rather than banished to hell to suffer and be without god for saddens me to imagine any being to do that, and he without doubt must suffer more than any other.

Speaker Of The House And Prayer
we are slowly headed towards the end times under the guise of acceptance and peace.

2Th 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for [that day shall not come], except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

in the last 100 years there has been a great falling away and it still continues. so the anit-Christ will be revealed.

Is Obama Muslim
I am not pre-judging. That would lead one to believe I have nothing to judge him on. All I want to hear from him is his love of the Lord Jesus Christ and his denial of Mohammad. Jesus does not believe in the taking of innocent blood. Obama is pro abortion. I just cannot see how that fits with Jesus Christ. If he starts acting like a Christian, I will believe his claim.

Why Did God Create Hell
You guys have the arguements that I used when I was 15-16 yrs. old arguing God. Maybe you are teens also. Here's the thing. Either you accept the Bible as the inspired word of God or you don't. If you don't that makes you an athiest. Which means you believe the world was formed by accident, we evolved from animals, there is no meaning or purpose to life, and then you die and go no where.

Why Did God Create Hell
Even so you still have to explain how a book that was "devised" by trickery, evil men plotting control. Explain how all the prophecies, every single one, 365 about Jesus alone, plus prophecies that are coming true today, how do you explain...a couple of conniving medling men predicting prophecies that have all and are still today coming true? coincidence? get a clue.

Why Did God Create Hell
On the one hand you say the bibles were changed. on the other hand you say IF they were changed. You are like the Rabble rousers that came out of Egypt in the Exodus, and then sat in the back murmering nonsense to stir of discontent. Good Luck with your philosophies.

High Paid Evangelist Wrong
And what was with that Solomon guy having so much money? The Bible says he was richer in cash, gold, material items etc that any man ever, or to come? Maybe God blesses as HE see's fit. He never asked me if I thought it was alright if He gives Jesse Duplantis an airplane. Sorry Jesse, I mean a JET!

Do Catholics Know History
Most of my family is still RCC, and they think I'm nuts. They get angry when I quote scripture because they don't know it. My point was that RCC like emcee, who I'm sure is a nice man, his responses don't make sense to me. They don't answer questions, and I don't feel the love, like I do from bible believing, bible reading, Holy Ghost filled christians. (I'm not saying RCC isn't christian.)I'm not judging anybody, it's something I notice.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
trish, you are missing the point. I know you are an expert apperantly, but I didn't say that insurance doesn't cover mental health issues, I said they don't cover psychotherapy. And it is because after years of documented cases, it RARELY works! Pills on the other hand MASK just fine, so Companies do cover 15min. Dr. visits to get your new pill. Xanax has been used as anti-depressant longer than pro-zoloft-zac.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
I realize xanax is a narcotic, but the facts are the facts. Your education attempts will not convince me that Psychiatry today has anything near a successful track record. You can not heal spiritual conditions with physical medication. There are many on prozac and can now function but don't want to face their past, or deal with their sin. Get right with God, read His Word and you won't need psychoactive drug therapy.

Do Catholics Know History
Talking about salvation with RCC are like talking to evolutionist about evidence. When asked simple questions both groups defer to doctrine, and catechism, and denominational
goobidygook, and avoid the question. It's like trying to talk explain something from a distance, a purely intellectual/head knowledge instead of a heart knowledge, and real true relationship.

Do Catholics Know History
Please don't label me a RCC basher, which is
one way to avoid actual dialog. I come from a place most RCC are not. I was raise 25 years devout, 12 years RCC school. Same nun teachers as my father, Mass 6 days a week.
Then I got truly saved, and met Jesus Christ
and developed a TRUE relationship, that is vibrant, and alive.. it is a love affair. I discovered His word for the first time in my life. And was set free!!So I can speak as someone who has been on both sides.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Psalm 107:10-11 "Some sat in darkness and the deepest gloom, prisoners suffering in iron chains, for they had rebelled against the words of God and despised the counsel of the Most High.
Deepest Gloom- depression, suicide, fear, anxiety.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Hey, clinical experts, I'm basing my opinions on my own experience, and the experience of those around me. You and volumes of material will not convince me that psychology is not a psudeo-science at best. If Therapy is so successful, why do the majority of healthcare providers refuse to cover it, and most Psychiatrists don't even offer it anymore. It is a medication/pill based industry. Sorry to step on the toes of all you who "it works for."

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Wounds caused by childhood trauma, physical, sexual, psychological become stronghold for satan,(2Cor.10:4-6)the result is behavoirs that we see today, but treatment is often/always a pill. Often it masks the pain enough to tell a mental health provider they feel better, but it has not gone away. Sin is the other cause of depression, as well as unforgiveness issues. I wouldn't try to cure these ailments with Xanax, although it will mask the problem and keep the patient from having to face their sin.

Catholics Believe Mary Was Sinless
When the shepards looked over the lambs to find the one without blemish to present to the priest for further inspection, they pulled lambs from many litters and the mother of these lambs were not without blemish, but they MAY produce one without blemish. The Word says All men are sinners and fall short of the Glory of God. Don't you think Paul, and Peter, James, and John the Revelator would have expounded more on the holiness and sinlessness of Mary if it were true? Instead of NOT MENTIONING HER?

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