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How To Get The Holy Spirit
You receive the Gift of Holy Ghost after baptism 'by the laying on of hands' ONLY through proper priesthood authority. The Gift of the Holy Ghost All honest seekers of the truth can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost, leading them to Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Can God Heal A Diabetic
Healing has nothing to do with our belief but Gods sovereignty.

Getting To Know You
Travel, reading, singing, swimming, and board games.

Are Free Masons Demonic
The masons are an organization that has ties back to black magic as well as Aleister Crowley. A very bad organization, and many resources confirming this are out there.

Evolution versus Creationism
Believing that everything came from absolutely nothing is absurd. It takes a greater stretch of ones imagination to accept the theory that a rock produced a dog produced a cat produced a tree. Its like having a pocket full of watch parts and over time it becomes a working time piece.

Can Christians Smoke A Cig
a christian is a christ follower. God's sacrifice on the cross, His blood shed is what sets us free. I quit smoking about two months ago and it hasn't made me any more saved. The reason i quit was because i spent more time energy and emotions on the act of smoking than i did with God. Smoking had become my God...therefore it had to go. There is a lot of judgement out there on the 'obvious' shortcomings and character defects a lot of us have, but it's the condition of the soul God's concerned about

He's Pure But Not A Christian
Please be careful with this. I have been married for 6 years to an unbeliever, well he says he is undecided, and let me tell you that it is really hard. We do not see eye to eye on anything. Lots of hurt. Lots of tears. Think on this one. Good luck.

Register Kid's Birthday Party
We don't do b-days, but we celebrate our anniversary "for our kids". This year, I added a note that said I wasn't trying to be tacky, but to make gift selecting easier, I enclosed a list of their wants/needs.

Too Many Types Of Churches
Of course it's true. The church started going astray right after Christs' death. With all these denominations claiming to be correct or true, means there is a lot of wrong and untrue out there. How can everyone be right? They all have their own church doctrines and their own interpretation of the bible. Does a partial truth make it all true--does a partial untruth make it all a lie???

Is The Rapture Next
There is NO pre-trib rapture. The False Pre-Tribulation Doctrine can cause you to fall because you will not have been taught to have the strong faith you will need to overcome what is coming upon our world.

What Happens At Mass
Each mass is a recrucifixtion of our Messiah. Communion is believed to literally be taking His flesh and blood as it has been transformed from bread and wine by the priest.

Can Chistians Be On Welfare
The few that have responded all seem to think that state aid is okay and a means of living. Can anyone explain how Amish, Pentecostal, and even Jw's all manage without any government assistance? Most of these programs have only been around for 80 years or less. Apparently people survived without state aid before it started.

Taking God's Name In Vain
Jack is right on.

Who's Head Of The Household
Were you saved before you got married to him?

Young Woman Wants Older Man
First, are you both believers and what was reason for his divorce, and does he have custody of kids?

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