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Parents That Made Mistakes
Thank you all for your encouragement. This is the first of the blogs I have looked at on this website that are answered in love and not in judgement and agruing. I am a young mother and I hope that when I have grandchildren I can look back with pride at the way they turn out.

Various Blog Views
I responded to some of the blogs and now I regret it. I enjoy discussing the word of God in love and in search of the truth but it seems that many want to argue. I felt my temper flare when I was responded to with arguements that I know are false and now I feel that I can't respond because it would be out of anger. We should bear each others burdens and love and pray for each other but a lot of what I have read is judgemental and in hopes of winning an arguement. Does anyone else feel this way?

Why Do Bad Things Happen
I beleive God gave us freewill and he's not willing to violate it. If we don't ask for him to intervene he won't. Bad things happen for a variety of reasons, none of which were God's original hope for us. First, they can be a direct result of sin. (STD's for example) Secondly they can be because we live in a fallen world. Some bad things happen because we live in a physical world with laws that keep our feet stuck to the earth and the planet in orbit.

Why Do Bad Things Happen
Job's story is the best for why God allows (not causes) bad things to happen. Satan went strolling earth then came to God to stir up trouble. God pointed Job out because he had faith he would remain strong. Satan went to work trying to break Job by taking all of his children and possessions. Yet Job did not curse God. After making it through the fire God never told Job that he had lost it all to win a victory in a spiritual battle. I wonder of Job's thankfulness for the suffering when he entered heaven

Live With My Boy Friend
Honey, My guess is that you have deep feelings for your boyfriend and are wishing that it would be ok in God's eyes to be with him. It must be hard walking in your shoes because if your husband is well respected you automatically looked to be the one wearing the scarlet letter. I don't judge you for complicated curcumstance but I would reccomend hoofing it alone until the divorce is final. Easier said than done since we all desire companionship and intimacy.

Preach 10 Commandments
I absolutely think the commandments are important in preaching the gospel, not because we are capable of obeying them to perfection but so that we can recognize our "guilty" state and our need for a savior. If we can't recognize that we will be found guilty in God's court we can't see the need to take the bail money that's been offered.

Steal From God With Tithes
I was shocked to read so many blogs against tithing! I beleive it is speaking to Jews and Gentiles but if not does it matter? I don't serve the God of money I serve the God who spoke the world into existence. Why not give to the body of Christ? Why not give until it hurts? My God will meet all of needs.I tithe. Not to be blessed financially or otherwise. I tithe out of obedience. Sometimes it hurts but I suspect so did the crown of thorns.

How Do I Figure Out What I Believe
Its important to read the bible but I have to forwarn that without the holy spirit it can be hard to understand. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Don't base your faith on any feel-good experience because emotions change like the weather. Dig deep into actual evidence to support the beliefs you are looking at. There is archeological evidence in abundance to support the bible and eye whitness accounts of christ from secular sources at that time. By putting faith to the test you will be lead to truth in him.

Divorce Or Loveless Marriage
reading these blogs made me cry. I'm a very young wife that can't really relate but I know now that I want to do all I can to strengthen my marriage to weather the storms of boredom and dissillusionment. Sometimes love has to be acted out rather than felt because feelings come and go. Though its the fault of both parties do you remember the last time you left him a note in his jacket pocket or touched his arm just to connect? Reach past your pain and try. It seems there's not much to lose.

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