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Are Tattoos Wrong
Our bodies are the temple of the Holyghost. I think it is a sin according to the person who is getting a tattoo, is it their God? Or they got one out of ignorance, they just did not know better.

Once Saved Always Saved
You can fall from grace and you can backslide. However the bible says God is married to the backslider, he's waiting for him to repent and return back to him.

Fornicators God Will Judge
Hi, speak the truth in love.

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
I am not and will not argue with people who basically hate any of God's people. I may not like everything a person says or does but that does not make them fake. I have learned to agree to disagree. However in the end let God's word be true and every man a liar.

Why Did God Create Hell
Hell was created for the devil and his angels. Hell has enlarged itself for those who reject the God of our Salvation and blapheme him to his face. Many think that the bible is just talking about sinners but it is also talking about those who claim to be Christians and are not.

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
What does the word say? The bible says a lot of things that we maybe guilty of but we are all striving for perfection. Thank God, he is God and not Man. If it was up to Man all of us we be on our way to Hell or Hades. Because of God his grace is suffiecient in weakness, we are all growing in grace in the knowledge of our LOrd Jesus Christ.

Joel Osteen Has Largest Church
Alright, lay off Joel Osteen, he is the man. Everbody is not called to have a very large ministry, so if he does, Kudos to doing the will of God. He is a very positive person, we should do the same. Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Iraq War A Mistake
Speaking from the wife of a soldier who has been to both wars, Desert storm and Operation Iraqi freedon. My husband is a minister of the Gospel. I believe that intially this was the right thing to do.In the beginning, noone knew what I country was truly facing, only what was said in the Media. There are top secret issues we will never know about. I don't think going to war intially was a mistake. God will send you places but he does not always say "stay there".

Christians Teach Santa
Hi, we teach them first about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I tell them Santa is not real. Concerning gifts I tell them it is Jesus Birthday not yours. However, I teach balance, I like watching Santa movies and such but it is not real.

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