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I Married A Non-Christian
You are already on the right track meaning praying,while your praying ask God for the scriptures that you need to read.Now you asked and put it on this blog so I'm going to ask you a few questions for you to answer in your you study your bible? did you seek the Lord concerning your marriage before you married?We can't make peoople be who we want them to be or believe in what we believe in only God can.Sometimes a person is drawn to us because of our character,when we take on christ like qualities they are drawn to that light within us,and they can have it to but they dont quite understand how to,or they aren't ready.God does honor marriage but sometimes we are in Gods permissive will not His perfect will....keep praying

Unsaved Did Mighty Work
Read Gen:1

Justified By His Blood
Justified by his blood means

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
I understand you wanting a husband,and that you feel at your age you should already have one,I've been married before 12yrs and divorced for 14yrs.I wanted a Husband right away but it didn't happen an Im still waiting.But I had to do somethings 1 is to really become the woman that I was purpose created to be,pray an ask God to mold me into the woman and wife He and the husband He has for me needs,and to prepare me for my husband and prepare my husband for me.Some choose to say marriage is giving and taking ,dont give up God will bless you in His time,remember the race is not given to....

Unwed Pregnant Daughter
Hope this gets read.To answer the question,Im assumeing that she's not 18yrs old,an you stated she has a job but not a good job?Hard to say but parents do what they feel and believe is right,not always best,Im a parent myself,an I also had a child as a teenager,my mother was very strick but it still happen,and thank God for grandmothers because mine really talked to my mother her daughter.I was brought up in a christian home and family ,mother more stern then my dad.But in this situation all I will say is What Would Jesus Do?..I know he talked to my mother about my situation, He used my gndmother to talk to her also,not saying what I did was right,the saying is learn from our mistakes and go on to use them as tools to bless someone elses life.

Move On After Broken Heart
It is hard to get over someone you love and as with any good thing that we seek to do we must go to God in prayer only He can help us and direct our thoughts and actions.We also have to remember that there is a process after we get over the shock,get over being mad,over denial,we have to except what has happen,didn't say you were going to like it but we do,it's all in with the process of healing in the bible when the prodical son had spent all his substance an went as low as he thought he could then he came to himself,he realized and excepted the fact.At this point is when healing can begin,but their must not be no bitterness in our heart,or there will be no healing.Dont give someone else the power over you only God

Divorce For Abandonment
In the old testament,we lived under law and the new testament we live under grace (TGFJ) if not none I repeat none of us would be living today.Any married person M/F who is not being treated the way God intends for you to be treated, need to consult the Lord and listen and look for his answer,an don't stay if your being physically abused.IF the problem is unfaithfullness in the marriage,consider your health,to many STD out their,yes God can cover you and will,He also gives us warnings signs,if you/we can't fulfill the sexual part of our marriage because of ones sinning,then we burn with lust. God doesn't think like we do nor can we compare our thinking with His, I'm just greatfull for grace and mercy which pleads our case for use daily..

Why Is The Church Failing Today
Because we have forgotten our first Love,their is a song that says Take me back to where I first Believe meaning when my heart was truely on fire for you lord and my heart was pure,when I sought to please you with all my heart an being and really wanted the world to know and experience this newness that we have become apart of .The song goes on to say that "I feel so far from you" But I can still hear you calling me"..If we truely do our part each one of us who profess salvation that Jesus is not only Lord but He is our(personally)Lord and saviour,then we will be doing our part.

Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
the word of God tells us that ministers,evangelist,etc to lead the unsaved to Christ,and if one studies and get a understanding we would know that those of use whom are called to preach/minister are to do just that,Christ word teaches that they are to take care of their family and he will take care of the church and this is where things get out of order,when we choose to try and do everything, something will go lacking, an that usually mean our love ones, because we take for granted that they will always be there or that they understand..NOT so.

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