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Diabetes In Children
hi, yes children do get diabetes. my sister was 7 years old when she got it, because she was so young they were not really checking for it and almost cost her, her life. God bless, vickie

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
God created everything including cosmetic surgery, He knows everything including how some worry about looks, i dont think its wrong.

Is Cremation Biblical
wondering what the bible says about cremation

Tithe To Be A Good Member
At my church there is a box just outside the bathroom doors that if one feels led by God to give to the Church one may no one is to know who gave what I belive that is more about me doing as God tells me than the money. Also our pastor dose not recive a monatary reward from the Church. Once a year we take a loving offering for him but God supplys his needs.I belive that God want 10% of our time rather than 10% of our money. My Lord Jesus can do his work with out money but he needs willing servents.

Divorce Husband Over Church
read Corinthians 7:13-15
I am also married to a man that no longer wants to walk for the Lord and this scripture really laid it out for me that I might be his only hope to know the Lord. And he is santified by you keep prayin there is nothing to big for my God one day this will be a testomony to the miricals He can do. NOw more than ever you have to keep the Faith. God be with you I pray.

Tithe Or Feed My Chilldren
What if you thought about tithes as your time not your money if you think about it God dose not need our money to do his work but he dose need us to willing servents and we cant do that if we are not spending time with God and in His Word. I do belive that God can lead you to give to the Church but I belive that it is more about being obedent and hearing God speak to you personally.

Kick Out A Homeless Teenager
Darleene i wish that were the case but it isnt she grew up in Foster care and after one is 18 years old they r no longer a ward of the state then they r just kinda out there and she kinda fell between the cracks for some of the programs to prepare youth to be self-sufficiant I took her in thinking that I might be able to provide her with some of those skills and get her ready to be on her own before we even knew about the baby. I cant imagine the Lord leading her to me for this to be the end result

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
marriage is a covnet between man, woman and God. That takes place then they join toghter as one flesh. Who are you to say that they must have a cerimony and a man made peice of paper. Pray before you assume they are out of the will of GOD.

Can Everyone Accept God
If what you say is true than we would be better off not telling anyone about Jesus cus if they never hear of him they get a free ride. Then you can just do away with all the scripture that says other wise the population would have a better chance of entering Heaven by defalt. In that case Jesus might as well have never come to Earth to begin with. WOW there is a thought. Man alone can not see God because they are born into sin and without the blood shed on Calvery they have no chance.

Cain And Abel Wifes
Gen. 1:28 KJV God told Adam and Eve to REplenish the earth. If they were the first people why wouldn't God have told them to plenish the earth
food for thought

Cain And Abel Wifes
there were other human beings out side the Garden of Eden the were called beast of the earth. Gen.1:25 I belive that they were the third of the angels that were cast out of heaven with Lusifer.

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