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Should She Date A Disabled Man
hi my name is vicky,im dating my boyfried who is disabled since birth. and i dont really care about what other people think.i just love him and thats all it matters.Everyone needs love!

Depressed Wife Divorced
Peter do you love your new wife? if yes stop thinking above your ex and take care of your wife love her as christ love the church.

Demons Attack While Sleeping
Read Psalm 91 and pray before you go to your bed also go on fasting even for half a day. If you belong to a church speak to your Pastor he or she and members of the church can come and pray over your house. I hope you are a christian. The lord is able and he will set you free from demons when you pray just believe when you called his name. May the lord bless you and make you free from every demonic force. God bless

Son Just Committed Suicide
god is full of love and grace iknow that your son is in son also died because of druge and drinks i prayed and now i know that god is a meriiful god believe in him he will show you we will see our sons again. god bless you and your family i will keep my prayers with you.

Can We Become Sinless
No! I honestly don't think we can EVER bcum sinless 'cause as humans, we tend to think that God is just this "guy" who takes every crap we throw at him and we know He always forgives us... so we keep sinning, LOL!

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
hey u people, world is gng some where n still u fight for religion n god...... No god tells that they r great only we humans fight for religion ..... juz love ur god n religion and help the poor needy or juz try to help people around u ONLY THEN UR GOD WILL LOVE U.Can a Christian woman marry a Hindu man??? who r u to decide that .it is the individual who is gng to live to which ever religion people belong to have no rights to stop it . now a days world is filled with people who fight for religions n caste .. really there is no use in fighting for it.. LOVE ur life life is only once live it and let others live.. try to be a matured human rather that being a animal who fights or argues in name of religion or god..

Quoran Agree With The Bible
Gal 3:28 There is neither jew nor greek,slave nor free, MALE NOR FEMALE,for you ARE ALL ONE IN JESUS CHRIST. what the saints said it is their biased opinion. what the BIBLE says is what is to be taken

Christians Play Secular Music
Coming from the rave scean I think there is an slight effect secular music can have on your mind. I find if I have been listening to too much music that is unhealthy it can effect your peace of mind. As long as you put Jesus first in your life and he is at the centre that is the main thing - but you may find when you have reached that place music is only at its best when you are praising him.

Is Jesus's Birth A Fable
Jesus was born of Mary. Why would all four gospel writers go to such extents to play out a fable? Moreover all fables unlike God's truth, get distorted over time so we would have heard all manner of theories of his human origin by now. But as christians we should keep our eyes on the prize, that Jesus was born, gave His life for us that we may have eternal life. Questions as to whether Mary was his mother are distractions by the devil to keep your eyes from the real truth - salvation and belief in Jesus.

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