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I Want Some Christian Friends
Hey everyone so I am I. feel free to hit me up

How To Stop Abusive Husband
you can not stop someone froming being abusive, its in their nature to be violent that the only way they know how to vent, once someone becomes abusive that mean that they arent able to control their anger in a respectful non hostile manner, so the answer to your question. how to stop your husband from being abusive is to leave his ass

Acceptable To Spank Kids
okay well you are his parent and has a parent you have to know if you are capable or have the right mindset to spank your child, when i say right mindset i mean, when you child do something that you dont approve of do you start spanking him immediately out of frustration or anger, or do you stop, make your child realize his behavior will not be tolerated and explain to him the consequence. so its all up to you

Husband Is Controlling
okay well there is no reason for you to be miserable, i mean money dose not buy you happiness, and this a red flag, you said he wasnt like this before you got married, first its the finances then its the picture on the wall, then it would be the clothes you wear and the places you go. i don"t believe in being submissive, marriage period is a partnership, 50-50. and if he wanna control someone get him a dog, or a pet. either divorce him, or go to marriage conseling 1st by yourself then as a couple.

Divorce My Lazy Husband
i hope you are not one of those women who thought you had a nice man but figure you get married that you can fix the few glitches or basically tryin to change him and once you got married realize that he was not going to change, cause if so then tuff luck, but if not. you have to ask your self is his laziness really worth you happiness and his lack of income.

Illegal To Spank Your Kids
I was spanked as a child.
It's my earliest memory.
I don't think that's a good thing...
I'm against it, any physical punishment is abuse, plain and simple.

Young Women Marrying Older Men
I am a born again Christian, and my husband walked out on the kids and I 1 year ago. I'm 2 yrs younger than he, and I'm his second wife. Our divorce is not yet final, but he is already communicating with a 19 yr old girl from the Phillipines, and plans to bring her over to the United Sates and marry her. He says he does not feel his age, and wants a young wife. He knows in his heart that this girl is THE ONE, even though he's only been communicating with her for 2 months.

Can You Marry Twice
God himself hates putting away. In as much as I agree that God do forgive sins, yet I do not think we have the right to play down on his words. He regards his Word more than his name. I do not personaly agree to divorce.The Bible says that it is bcos of the hardness of our heart that Moses permitted it in the old testament but now if the Love of God truly dwells within us we will not have a reason to do that. However, it still takes two to be together and if not we are advised to remain unmarried.

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