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Happy Father's Day To All Dads
God bless all the father's. Happy father's Day, today, and everyday.

Can You Explain My Dream
I was wrong and I apologize from my heart, sorry karen. God bless you, and I hope you find your answer.

Can You Explain My Dream
I haven't laughed this hard in such a long time, but not cause your question, cause the way some people responded. What you should do is pray, fast, and alot please!!. Also keep reading the Bible and study it carefully, that is the best you can do. And maybe take some of the advice of a few others here on things not to watch too much, and what not to eat before bedtime ; P

Is All Hip Hop Music Bad
Let me add to what I said.. this applies to all kinds of music styles such as soft romantic music (Example). Just because it sounds, and feels good and talks about love, does not mean God will accept it as good because some of it teaches Adultery and fornication, and stealing another mans wife, or another womans husband, things like this.

Is All Hip Hop Music Bad
Hip hop is not wrong..unless the words are negative and cause negative reactions. Becareful with the lyrics used which you know God would not agree with, and definitly not accept. If you read and study the Bible, You would know what is right and wrong in the words of the music you listen too,and the messege it sends.
listen to Cristian hip hop. If you feel like dancing go ahead, but in a respectable decent manner to yourself and christian beliefs.

What Brings You Happiness
My children kissing, hugging, and telling me " I love you momy "
Praise music
Traveling by car
Jello with whipped cream
Good honest people with sense of humor

Jonah Swallowed By Whale Or Fish
Genesis 22 : 17
Can anyone explain to me that verse ?

Happy Father's Day To All Dads
God bless all the father's. Happy father's Day, today, and everyday.

This Is The Shortform Blog
someone needs an air conditioner ; ) : )

This Is The Shortform Blog
It has nothing to do with God approving, or dissaproving.. it's just that it takes out the feeling of meaning and some people just can't get it and just don't feel like using it or learning it. I for one.. don't care, I prefer english regular form. But those of you who chose this way.. More power to you.

Is Fornication Acceptable
If you love and respect this girl, do not touch her until you marry her and thats if you still want to marry her by the time she is in right maturity to marry. If you are both christian please respect God's words.

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