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Can You Marry Twice
there is reason for divorce under Abuse..its not just adultery.

Husband Doesn't Defend Me
I am in a similiar situation my husband and I both were married before but my husband takes his step daughter from his first wife side. He will hurt my feeling to protect hers. He also goes along with anything his sister tells him. In my eyes I come third of 4th in his life behind God of course his sister and mom and his step daughter and biological son and then me. I guess I am ask what should I do as well.

Can Adulters Go To Heaven
I know one thing I thank GOD none of u are my maker nor are u my judge. I know he will fogive us of any sin except blaspheming the Holy Ghost. Repent & keep a Godly life & stay true to his word & do what he has called us to do & I think we would be ok. Remember - when the Pharasiees wanted to stone the woman who comiteed adultary - Jesus told them - the first one WITHOUT SIN cast the first stone. None of them could - could they. LOL

Should I Approve An Atheist
I'm not quite sure what u mean by "full support." Of course I don't believe u should support her beliefs but, I DO think u should support HER. My son is gay, and while I make it very clear that I do not agree with his lifestyle, I also make it very clear that I am NOT here to judge him, only God can do that. I also make it clear that I love him and am proud that he is my son, no matter what. I admit, when I first became a Christian, I did NOT handle it that well and God really spoke to my heart on that. Gb!

How Can I Save My Marriage
The thought of it being over between my husband and me is more than I can stand.
I am thinking about ending the pain...
I am mostly at fault but I think my moods might be part of illness and maybe menopause..
I can't even get him to talk to me...
If anyone has an answer please Help me...
And I prayed and prayed it has not helped.
I am at the end of my rope.
PLEASE anyone!

Will A Degree Help My Career
An associate's degree is a great stepping stone toward advancement in your career. However, depending on how far you chose to grow in your career a Bachelor's as well as a Master's Degree are the steps that you need in order to climb the ladder (corporate)

How Do You Pray
When I pray, I pray for myself as well as all of MANKIND. I pray in the supernatural and when at work I pray in my prayer closet daily/constantly throughout the workday

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
I feel that if the imperfection is a deformity and comestic surgery can improve or enhance that imperfection then I am all for it. I am sure this would help lift that person's self esteem

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast
There is no fast way to get out of debt,I am sure that you did not get into debt overnight. Try a buget and keep track of all monies that you are spending. Look at your spending habits and see if there are any expenses that you can eliminate. As for honoring God his is only asking for 10 percent therefore the 90 percent that he gives us to do what we choose to do is more than generous. Take your eyes off of self and started blessing others (sowing seeds) tithe and give a free will offering.

Is Filing Bankruptcy A Sin
Only if you have no intent on paying your debt. The bible tells us that we are to owe no MAN

Favorite Christian Blogs
What's the message, mendy?
What does any of that have to do with
favorite blogs?
What are you really saying?

Christians Think They Are Better
We don't. You must be thinking of someone
who misjudged.

What Is Woman's Intuition
My intuition tells me, if you people mess
with Christians, watch out. Bible says of Isreal(as well as His adopted Children):"I
will Bless those who Bless thee, I will curse those who curse thee." Watch what you do,Nick.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Sabbath ' keepers ' mistake sabbath keeping as ' church keeping. All Christians should worship God, not just on Sat. or Sun, but every day. Church attendance is not the ' sabbath '. We are told that as ' christians, we are allowed the freedom to decide which day we are to set aside. The early church came together to break bread on the Lords day, which was Sunday, the day of honor of the risen Christ..Romans 14:1-11

Should My Wife Take Me Back
you may have changed the way you were but she may never be able to let go of what you did,if you got back together she may throw it in your face for how you were.If it is GODS willl then youll be together.good fortune to you!

Allow Kids To Trick Or Treat
my husband and i dont let our kids celebrate halloween,we celebrate harvest. my husbands mom buys little toys and some candy and our kids go up to the grandparents house and get the goodies,they have fun doing this every year and theyare safe as well.

Youth Pastor Advancing On Minor
Yes, I would investigate first and make sure the allegation was absolutely true. This could ruin lives if the allegation was not true. I would then tell both the parents and the pastor. This is a very serious matter. However, to do nothing is a sin. Wendy

Should We Rebuke The Sinful
I was always taught at Sunday School and Church that you do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words you should treat people with respect and dignity no matter what they do to you.

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