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Devil Will Get Them
At an age they would understand, 8 or 9 etc. however if you read the Strongs concordance of the Hebrew and greek understanding Satan isn't just the supernatural fallen angel, but it also means adversary, devil, someone or something against God. So anyone without being possessed by demons can be a satan or devil if they oppose God. A government can be one as well. Look up the meaning of what you teach the children for a better understanding. Don't use threats like some church leaders do.

Was Lazarus Dead
YES he was dead. Jesus asked God to raise Lazarus, as one of the miracles. We do "sleep"in death, He was fully dead.

Michael Jackson A Christian
Only God knows what Michael Jackson believed. He is past on now so it isn't our concern, it s between him & God on judgment day. What IS our concern is giving the good news to everyone we know that is willing to listen.

Is Jesus His Own God
NO! Jesus is the son of God. look at that sentence again. "of" is in there showing God the father is separate then Jesus.

Why Did God Take A Body
Willie, God did not come "as his son" his son was and is separate. they're in unity with the same purpose, not person. To Christian, Jesus NEVER claimed to be God. Jesus worshipped God & so do we. God is his father and OUR father.

Why Did God Take A Body
God never took a body. His son did. God was & is a spirit. Never left heaven when his son was conceived & born on the earth. So God never had use of a body.

Is Michael A Minor God
Michael is the chief angel of Gods army, not a minor god or any god at all. there is only 1 God & that's Jesus' father.

The Breath Of Life
Our soul. Adam became a living soul when the breath of life was breathed into him.

Baptisted For Heaven
Only God can read the heart. By confessing & believing Jesus as our savior we are saved. baptism is just the outward symbol & doesn't save us itself.

How To Get To Heaven
only through Jesus. What we do will not get us there. only accepting Jesus as our savior. however to stay in this race of life we must not stray off the narrow path and we must daily walk following Jesus.

Explain God
Gordon I'm a non-Trinitarian and will always be, but I do know Jesus, the SON of God and I know his father. they're in unity with his fathers purpose. I'm not a JW btw, to be non trinity. God still accepts me without buying into the trinity lies.

Explain God
neither. There is only 1 true God & that's the father of our lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is not God nor ever claimed to be God. He was born to be the ransom for us & is our mediator between us & God. the trinity was falsely given at least 300 yrs after Jesus.

Man Of Steel Movie Trailer
I saw it, thought it was ok, but the original superman was better. However I don't watch many movies anymore because it does not have anything to do with Jesus or his fathers kingdom.

Sabbath Required Today
No! We should obey the 10commandments of course, but we are not Jewish. the levitical law was for Judaism only, not gentiles.

Bible To Your Faith
Very. Even without the bible I still have faith, but the bible shows me what God wants me to know so both go hand in hand

Communion Literal Body
symbolic. it is for us to remember him. he only died onetime, so thinking it literal doesn't make sense.

Heaven And Back
No. When people die they're in the graves until the resurrection Now God can give a glimpse on what heaven can look like, but until the resurrection & judgement no one goes to Heaven & the wicked arent destroyed yet.

Walking Dead Or The Bible
I didn't watch either. Also the statistics doesn't include what each viewer they believe in either. I tried watching the "bible" show & it didn't show the bible accurately so it lost my view.

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