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Christians Supporting Israel
Yes, I support Israel and the current state of Israel. All beleivers in Yeshua will Scioned into the House Ben David King of Kings. We'll all be Echad with God eternally. (Ezekiel 36, Revelations 7 & 14)

Why Are Some Pastors Lazy
This western style business Chrisianity is the poblem. Pastors overseas are being killed for the Gospel and imprisoned if they don't renounce Christ.

Some of these so called Pastors are just hirelings that are not in it as a Biblical Shepard.

Otherwise pray for them that they repent and live up to their calling like Christ did...This is a serious duty, not a western busiess career field.

What Is Replacement Theology
Has'nt anyone ever read Romans 11? In no way has Israel been replaced. Atonement is the only way to be saved. Yeshua's death is the ony sacrifice for sin. Therefore, their religion today has none after the temple destroyed in 70AD. So we must still witness Christ(MASHIACH) to them. God is still dealing with them. They are scattered with the Gentiles and have different sects and groups. He simply Has them "in His promise"...

Conspiracies Illuminati Chips
Many of these things have credance and must be weighed with the end time signs around us. You've got to be drunk or high not to see these times are getting worse and weirder everyday. I agree stay alert and prepare to overcome or be martyterd if that is what we called to do just like the early church. This world is not our home. Jesus is preparing a new millium reign for us who really believe.

Is It Jesus Or Yeshewa
I think it all comes down to growth in sanctification and Holy Spirit. It not just about gifts, it's also about relationship and knowing His name. It is improtant to learn what the translators left out. Think about it-You miss so much in English or Greek. If you want to wait. It's your choice. Blessing

Christians Live During Tribulation
Please look at MATTHEW 24 again in chronological order-the elect is us-going through much suffering-After the suffering is 6th sign-JESUS apearing to get us. it's called post tribulation rapture from His word.

In Revelations-the dragon goes after the womans children-Christians.

Another "inset" refers-to them coming out of great tribulation

"Fleeing" Israel goes to Bozrah. Maybe we might have to go to Israel if persecution..

Put in chronological order -Bible.

Is It Jesus Or Yeshewa
YAH-HU-SHUA.-(HEBREW)- Yeshua. Jesus(greek)

you can't see God's name in Greek. The translators used the best words they thought which is Lord or God. Christians are saved in YAH'S NAME through His Son. Look back at every scripture and see YAH or YHVH and think about it...

What Day Is The Sabbath
Hey everyone, just stopped by for shoresh. Oh lee is still giving SDA a hard time. Lee, let them enjoy Shabbot in peace.

Now U know Shabbot has nothing to do with slavery. You're taking things out of context as most proof texters do.

Shabbot is is wonderful gift like a wedding ring to guard (keep). You've just hardened your heart. that's a no no.

Those lawless anti-Hebrew commentaries you read are programing you not to understand. naughty, naughty.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Pop- is correct. Notice how many people will just state a scripture in superficial mindset, because they have heard the meaning taught and raised to beleive this how you think. They will also try to mezmorize you to not check the the whole context for yourself. Leaving out one or two words to support their own made up view of lawless grace.

They are supporting a western Oral tradition like the Sannhedrin made up their own.- I am not SDA, but support the SABBATH.

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