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Are Christians Happy
Of "The RCC is really teaching the Law." The RCC more than teaches BIBLE Law, RCC has "the church fathers" in place of the Bible often times. But we all replace the Bible with other teachings. Paul spoke of not going BEYOND what is written and NOTHING BEYOND WHAT IS WRITTEN, but we are all "replace testament christians". Not one follows the Bible. We are neither Old Testament or New Testament. We are all "Replace Testament".

Do All People Smile
I don't think that everyone is smiling.

Are Women High Maintenance
Yes, women have changed. They have become the decision makers. They decide whether to have kids or not and the number of kids and the Bible has no say. They decide whether a family stays together or not and the Bible has no say. They decide whether a dad sees his children or not and a man must win in court for it to be otherwise. Yet women are the only way for a guy to have kids. Being on a different page is very costly, so women cause a man to lose everything.

Why Do Christians Judge Divorced
There isn't a holy person on earth. I think divorce is better than marriage. Most marriages are unholy and divorce is more kind. Marriage shows how far we are from being a new creations in Christ. Wives hate their husbands and husbands hate their wives, yet they know we are Christians.

Are Christians Happy
I'm not. You check through scripture, Job was not a happy man going through what he went through. Jeremiah wasn't a happy man going through what he went through. Both cursed the day they were born. Moses asked God to take him out. Solomon said better the day of death than the day of birth. I have found no happiness in life other than my daughters and the youth I once enjoyed.

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
Keep your husband, stay married, stay separated, AND CONSIDER YOURSELF FORTUNATE. Come together once in awhile to procreate and consider your marriage ideal to not be living together. My marriage was at its best when my wife was on the other side of the world. Never was it worse than our being under the same roof. Most marriages would be improved by separation.

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