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Was Jesus Created By God
If your statement is correct then the trinity doctrine is incorrect. If Jesus and God are one, it would be impossible to separate himself from himself

Our Pre-Born Spirit
I have read it, you chose to ignore it. Matt4:8 ..exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them, It is impossible to see the entire world regardless of how high a mountain is unless it is flat. It says all the Kingdoms, some existed on the other side of the world. If you think this event was literal then the world is flat. If you think it is just metaphoric, Jesus was not really tested by Satan since the test are not even real.

Was Jesus Created By God
Just saying Jesus is Gods son signifies a prodigy or a creation of life from a Father. If not, why was he apprehensive about dieing a human death. Was he afraid of termination. If he had equal immortality like God, agonizing over the death on the cross would have been staged. If he was afraid of having evil thoughts thrust upon him for the first time, was he upset about seeing what being a human is really like?

Our Pre-Born Spirit
Sorry for the slip, it was Galileo that the church put in house arrest for his belief that the earth revolved around the Sun and not the other way around like the church believed and the Bible states. Newton is the one that wrote An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture.

Out Of Wedlocks Go To Heaven
Mary became pregnant out of wedlock, we all believe Jesus and Mary are in heaven. Probably the church in that day gave her a hard time too.

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
Robbin, It is impossible to read scripture or even listen to the Holy Spirit without a doctrinal outline in your head. You were taught things, the outline that agrees with your mind is like shaded sunglasses. You see everything in your color before you read it or the spirit speaks it. There is no one, including yourself, that can help it. That is why everyone is debating everything, they all are wearing different color shades.

Our Pre-Born Spirit
I like the way fundamentalist always say that logic and reason equals nonsensical rhetoric. It reminds me of Isaac Newton standing before the church being accused of using reason to describe the world as round. They just quoted verses at him and placed him under house arrest. Yes, the Bible says the earth is flat and stands on four pillars. Do you believe it? Give me some scripture that says when our soul was created.

Is Satan A Fallen Angel
If Satan is that evil and heaven is that perfect, how can Satan be in heaven? Or did Job live before Adam and Eve?

Fat Christian Women
Ever notice that if a women or man is secure in a relationship they tend to let themselves go. If they become single they will whip themselves into shape. Maybe eternal security has the same effect. Take a scales to a church that does not believe in eternal security.

Is Capital Punishment Biblical
Maybe capital punishment would be a greater deterrent if it was painful and slow like an old testament stoning, instead of falling asleep from an ejection. But do we want to become barbaric?

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
Your comment on the danger of falling is interesting. Are you afraid? Fear of going to Hell? Jesus says look, seek , knock and find. He did not say believe everything the Church said. He spent most of his time condemning organized religion. He even made fun of the Churches obsession with Scripture. Fear is the only control organizations have. If you were the master deceiver, how would you deceive the largest possible group?

Simply Believe God
I do not attend the questioned church. Being a musician I visit many types of churches. Ironically it was a Mennonite church, they mainly believe in works. The theme was that God was intellectually beyond humans so humans should not question anything. The scripture was Job. Some verses from God were obviously metaphoric, like a storehouse where all hail is stored.

Suicide Due To Depression
I had a relative that committed suicide from depression. He was mentally unstable and started to go to a hell and brimstone style of church. He became confused with the fear control ideas that God hates sin but loves the sinner, but he might be tortured in hell, etc. He became obsessed with this doctrine and it drove his paranoid mind over the edge. I know this because he spoke about it. Churches have to balance theological ideas, some may be fatal to their audience.

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
deceiver at work.
Santan was right in the middle of the Garden of Eden and he was not removed. In Job he was right in the middle of Heaven. With this thought, he is probably in the Bible too. What if Paul did not receive his visions from God? Pauls message does not match what Jesus taught, living by his example. Paul turned him to an exception and made his life seem insignificant. Paul was only obsessed with his death. Maybe Christian is the wrong word, maybe it should be Paulian.

Which Religion Is Correct
Islamics use the Koran, Christians the Bible and Mormons the Book of Mormons. Everyone here is quoting the Bible as proof. I understand where you are coming from, but the other religions quote their scriptures too. Is there anything historical or third party that says anything about the life of Jesus? Surely his great miracles would have been written by someone in history. Feeding over 5,000 and then another 4,000 would have made the news today. Or healing the sick or especially raising a dead man

Can We Make Graven Images
There is only one religious group that I know of that follow that rule - Amish. They even feel that a photograph is a graven image and refuse to be knowingly photographed. Also, no jewelry or even zippers. I do not think any of you would like to live without electric or indoor plumbing however. They really take everything literal, hopefully they are not the only ones that have it right.

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
Biblical interpretation: Every group decides which verses to take literally and which ones to take spiritually and which ones do not apply to us today. I wish Jesus would have written an outline while he was here.

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