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Demon Possessed Person
MarkV-- Interesting observation. The disciples did not seem to be especially knowledgeable about scripture at the time Jesus was teaching them. But if they did know, they apparently never thought to apply that prophesy to their own little group. It seemed to come as quite a shock when Jesus told them that one of them would betray Him! Even though some probably knew that Judas was less than upright, they didn't even think to accuse him!

Woman Divorced Three Times
It's not the unpardonable sin. But it would be very risky .It would help to know what went wrong with the previous marriages. Three divorces most likely establishes a pattern...chances are the same problem was the root of them all. You (and she) must understand why 3 marriages failed before and determine if it can be prevented.

If you are seriously thinking of marriage with her, take lots of time to get to know her and her behavior patterns before you commit yourself!

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