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Jesus Breaks The Sabbath

I like your points.

There are Several Things that are always over looked on this topic:

1. The Sabbath was given before the fall, during perfection Genesis 2:1-3.

2. The Sabbath was celebrated before the giving of the law at Mount Sinai.

3. Sunday was invented as a tradition not found in scripture.
Because we don't know when Jesus rose.

4. You don't need to keep the Sabbath to be saved, but to be sanctified.

5. Jesus and his apostles all kept the Sabbath on Saturday not on Sunday

Is Sound Doctrine Important

This is a very good question.

Sound Doctrine is paramount in order to live as a Christian for these reasons:

1. Sound Doctrine defines truth from error and right from wrong.

2. Sound Doctrine creates the environment to learn and know the truth.

3. Sound Doctrine provides the foundation in defending the truth.

4. Sound Doctrine establishes identity.

5. Sound Doctrine makes firm our purpose including the past, the present, and the future.

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