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Jesus Breaks The Sabbath
Jerry crowed "If Sunday is the Lord's Day, don't you think it odd that neither Paul nor any other Apostle made mention of anything special about Sunday, yet faithfully kept the 7th day Sabbath?"

Even a novice of church history can tell you with documentation that the Lord's day has always been viewed as Sunday by the early church fathers.
Yes, Paul obeyed the Sabbath in an attempt to win others to Christ. Read 1 Cor. 9:20f

Calvinism Doctrinal System
//The real question is, were any of them BORN AGAIN. Did any of them REPENT first to be saved.

We know what they believed from their writings.

Since you claim to be on authority on what John Calvin taught, I suggest you tell us what he taught on the subject of regeneration and repentance.

Volume I, Chapter III, page 508 Institutes of the Christian Religion.

As stated before there are as many interpretations on Calvinism as there are on Scriptures. And no, I find it not funny someone even wrote a article entitled 'Was Calvin a Calvinism' since there are so many viewpoints including many that are blatantly false.

Thoughts On Precepts Bible Study
francis //.. jesus said any different from this, then he would HAVE BEEN a false teacher.
SO it is your missunderstanding that is flawed.

The major flaw in your belief system is your stand that the New Covenant is merely a rehash of the Old and that the Jewish system of belief such as the Sabbath & dietary laws pertained also to Gentile converts. If you knew what the decree of the Jerusalem council in Acts 15 was, you would know that Gentiles were not obligated to observe the laws of the Mosaic system.

Until you can get that correct, your exegetics of Scripture will never be correct. 2 tim. 2:15

Your beliefs are an minority opinion since they have the least of all support.

Circumcision Of The Heart
Once the reality of blessing of the promised son came to pass ( JESUS DEATH ON THE ROSS) all blood covenant stopped.

As a consequence those who believe by faith in the promise given to Abraham are not under the covenant made at Mt. Sinai bearing children for slavery but of Jerusalem above, free from all regulations and statues given under the old blood covenant (Gal. 4:25)

Those seeking to be justified (made righteous) by the law (such things as Sabbath keeping, dietary laws, etc.) are severed from Christ and have fallen from grace. (Gal. 4:4)

Instead of physical circumcision, God is tranforming the inward nature of believers. The circumcised of heart live by the Spirit not by the letter of the law.(2 Cor. 3:3,6)

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