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Is Christian Television Relevant
Relevant to your life, of course! All else is moot.

James Robison Ski House
For those who really want to know the truth...

James bought this home from the money he made doing an infomercial for TriVita. His longtime friend, Michael Ellison, asked him to do it as a personal favor. James did it. It has been the most successful marketing tool for TriVita yet. Every time it airs, James is paid. He got hammered with taxes the first year it aired, so he decided to invest the TriVita money in real estate instead of the government. It has nothing to do with LIFE Today or the mission outreaches. Zero. For those who think he should not own an investment home, I would simply ask, "How much have you done for the poor, hungry, thirsty and orphaned?" I would bet that for 99% of you, it's far less than James has.

Who is James Robison?
As for the manager married more times than you can count, she will openly tell you that she's been married seven times. Her testimony is amazing. God totally transformed her life. After her conversion, she married for the final time. That was several years ago and God has blessed that relationship, as He is prone to do when we put our trust in Him.

Who is James Robison?
DELOE, I assure you that James runs the ministry. He doesn't sit in the phone center all day, but he's definitely in charge. He trusts the people in management and allows them to play a vital role in the operations, as any good leader does.
Any other questions, just ask.

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