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Who is James Robison?
I of III
Frank said, "you are not creditable."
Eric said, "deloe, I don't believe you! Maybe your a false prophet."
Alan said, "No wonder DELOE, others are not taking you seriously and You hint darkly of evil,"
Barbara said, "Could your disposition have cost your job?
It sounds as though you have a lot of bitterness, not just on this blog, but others as well."

Who is James Robison?
Lisa said, ", try having the same compassion you ask of Jesus for your miserable failings every day."
Harold said, "I don't trust you DELOE myself. If someone is a traitor and a gossip than I want to stay clear of that person."
David Lindoff said, "there is something about you Mr. Deloe that doesn't seem right to me. You seem bent on undermining this man's ministry. This is not a game."

Who is James Robison?
Elder said "DELOE what ever you went through was to build you for the Lord not to make you a soldier for Satan."
So Deloe why pick on poor Elder? Is it that you don't want to be built for the Lord or do you have a hate for Elder also.

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