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Fail To Tell The Truth
//They don't consider any translations of the Bible by other groups to be The Truth//- strongaxe.

Given the fact all trinitarian translations remove God's name all 6973 times, how can trinitarian Bibles ever be teaching Truth!?

The NWT speaks far more Truth by restoring God's name to its rightful place in scripture as originally inspired by holy spirit.

God's name is to be "written on the foreheads" of the 144,000! (Rev.14:1) How can they be written on the foreheads of those who have gone out of their way to work against the holy spirit and remove God's name!? Jesus "made God's name manifest"! (Jo.17:17)

Trinitarians are opposed to Christ because they hide God's name!

Fail To Tell The Truth
//They keep making predictions about the end of the world// strongaxe.

JW's don't "keep making predictions" as strangaxe falsely claims.

JW's are waiting for the end of this Satanic system to end that's correct. But nobody knows the day or the hour (Matt.24:36).

//they consider THEIR OWN LITERATURE from 50 years ago to be dangerous//- strongaxe

This is laughable. Another lie.

I've been a JW for over 35yrs. Have JW literature dating back to 1901 and I'm still serving. Any suggestion one might be "disfellowshipped" for possessing old literature is completely bonkers.

More strongaxe hysteria.

Fail To Tell The Truth
//guilty of all the things they accused other Christians of//- strongaxe.

Are JW's guilty of coercing young men and women to fight in two world wars? Wars fostered and encouraged by strongaxe trinitarian leaders! The life expectancy of youngsters in any trinitarian church during WW I & II was a matter of months!

Many have stopped drinking strongaxe trinitarian Death-Aid... left the pagan trinity and come over to the truth!

Strongaxe 'squeezes out the gnat, but gulps down the camel'... Hypocritically pointing to "errors" of JW's while ignoring the glaring rotteness of trinitarian death cults!

Google images: the churches and hitler.

See what strongaxe trinitarian leaders are guilty of!

Fail To Tell The Truth
Strongaxe- "The Truth" (their (JWs) name for the Word of God)

Nope. Strongaxe lies again.

Jesus said:

"...your word is truth" (John 17:17 NIV)

JW's refer to the Word of God as "the Truth", because that's how Christ referred to it!

Strongaxe keeps getting it wrong all the time.

Fail To Tell The Truth
//So since you use his name as a JW, than [sic] you must be one of the 144,000 that are 'seal' [sic], right?//- Ruben.

You need to be more concerned about what you are doing with God's name! Do you think by removing God's name [YHWH] from your Bibles all 6973 times qualifies you to be with 'the Lamb'?

As Rev.14:1 says, the 144,000 have "the name of the Father written on their foreheads"... a name which trinitarians have deceitfully deleted.

Jesus said in prayer to his Father, "I have manifested thy name..." (John 17:6 KJV) Are you following Christ by "manifesting" God's name? If you think removing God's name qualifies you to be 'sealed' and with 'the Lamb' in heaven, then crack on!

Fail To Tell The Truth
"The Truth"- strongaxe

Well as strongaxe has not said anything truthfull about JW's, and in fact lies with impunity, it's a bit rich for strongaxe to be the arbiter of what is "Truth". But strongaxe is in the right place to expose himself as the liar he is.

Given the devastation brought by trinitartians on humankind, strongaxe criticism of JW's is wholly underwhelming. Both World Wars fought in the last century were started and supported by the trinitarian cult outfit- the RCC- who murdered people on an industrial scale.

How does strongaxe justify that?

Strongaxe diatribe against JW's pails into insignificance when compared to the devastation wrought by his corrupt religious belief system.

Fail To Tell The Truth
//These 144,000 are not the JW's either// kathr4453

Ah... but the JW's and the 144,000 both use God's name!

"Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Fathers name written on their foreheads"- Rev.14:1 (NIV).

What is the name of Jesus' Father?

"That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth"- Psalms 83:18 (KJV of 1611).

The 144,000 are "sealed" because they use and worship Jesus' Father... Jehovah God!

Kathr4453 doesn't!

Know Each Other In Heaven
//The four angels are at work here not the Holy Spirit//- ven.

Can I now correct ven. It is the angel from the 'sunrising' who is doing the work described at Revelation 7, not the 4 angels. The angel from the 'sunrising' has come 'with a seal of the living God'. This angel instructs the 4 angels not to harm the earth, "until after we have sealed the slaves of God". The number of those who are sealed is 144,000- Rev.7:2-4.

What is the "seal" from God?

"...set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come"- 2Cor.1:22 (NIV).

"...were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit"- Eph.1:13 (Holman, ESV, NASB)

Know Each Other In Heaven
//does not teach that the 144,000 were sealed by the Holy Spirit//- ven.

So if they're not sealed by holy spirit, what do you believe they are sealed with? Yes they're sealed on the forehead, but with what... wax? Celotape? Superglue? Do you understand what being 'sealed' means?

This is where scripture interprets scripture. I used Eph.1:13,14 to identify not the 144,000, but what they are sealed with.

" were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise" (KJV)

"The seal is the Holy Spirit that he promised" (NIRV)

It's my belief the 144,000 are "sealed" on their foreheads by the angel from the 'sunrising' with HS.

If not with holy spirit, then with what are they sealed?

Know Each Other In Heaven
//you can get the answers you desire directly from the believers// David.

Only too pleased to help.


Know Each Other In Heaven
//the 144,000, especially when you consider they have millions of Members//- David.

"Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel... After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count... before the Lamb"- Rev.7:4,9 (NIV).

JW's believe what Revelation 7 teaches- millions will be saved. Revelation 7 clearly points out, there are 2 groups of saved ones: the 144,000, and the great multitude.

The 144,000 are "sealed" by holy spirit (Eph.1:13,14). The great multitude are the ones who "come out of the great tribulation"- Re.7:14.

There are millions of the 'great multitude'.

Celebrating Christmas Day
//NOT that it was ESSENTIAL to address him name//- StrongAxe.

So to use StrongAxe "Howard" analogy, StrongAxe wouldn't use Howards name at all! It's not essential to address God or anyone else by their name!? What stupid logic.

If God didn't want us to use his name, why would he have it recorded in the Bible in the first place?

The person who hates Jehovah and his name is of course Satan. And Satan has used his false religious organisations and his cohorts to make sure God's name has been removed from many translations.

Demonic-cult outfits remove, change and conceal the fact that God has a personal name. StrongAxe is simply a mouthpiece for these cult organisations who play loose and fast with God's name.

Celebrating Christmas Day
//Since it isn't//- Cluny.

So should we stop using 'Jesus'? If 'Jehovah' isn't accurate, neither is using 'Jesus'. The name 'Jesus' is just as inaccurate as 'Jehovah'. Yet I don't see you complaining about using 'Jesus'!

The point of course is what is more recognisable. You and others falsely claim 'adonai' [LORD] is the Hebrew word used at such places like Isaiah 42:8. This is YOUR HENIOUS LIE! The word 'Adonai' doesn't appear in Isaiah 42:8! Stop your lying Cluny!

If your reasoning is, "well no one knows", then we should all stop using 'Jesus'. But of course, your reasoning is a pathetic straw man argument. You don't want God's personal name known because it dismantles your pagan trinity dogma.

Celebrating Christmas Day
I haven't insisted on anything. My issue is why do translators insist on changing and removing God's name when translating from Hebrew to English.

NewKJV has no issue translating Yeshua to Jesus. Why does the NewKJV ( & others) play loose with YHWH? Why does the NewKJV not use Yahweh or Jehovah? They now remove "JEHOVAH" completely from new editions. WHY?

StrongAxe hypocritically points to one word in the NWT ('other' at Col.1:16) when the Bible he promotes plus many others remove and change God's name 6973 times!!

StrongAxe squeezes out the knat ("you use other"), but gulps down the camel by ignoring 6973 deliberate mistakes in trinitarian translations.

Bring Back Christmas
//Jews do it all the time when they read the Tanakh//- Cluny.

But the Jews kept God's name in the text! The issue with the Jews was about pronunciation, not Cluny's remove, change and twist policy.

//The NKJV renders the Hebrew YHVH as "LORD"//

Cluny needs educating as he doesn't know the difference between consonants and vowels. God's name is the Hebrew consonants YHWH. Cluny insists YHWH should be translated as "LORD". Y=L, H=O, V=R and H=D.

A 10 year old could tell you "H" is a consonant and is not equivalent to "O", a vowel.

Clear evidence the translators of the NewKJV deceitfully remove and change God's name. Cluny's insistence I will put down to childish ignorance.

Bring Back Christmas
//The NKJV renders the Hebrew YHVH as "LORD"//- Cluny.

"Lord" is not God's personal name!

Have a look at Isaiah 42:8. Isaiah wrote his book in Hebrew. In verse 8, the Hebrew word "adonai" ['Lord'] does not appear. In verse 8, the Hebrew consonants "YHWH" are found- God's personal name -as the verse states.

Thus, careful scholars will translate this verse:

"I am Yahweh, that is My name" (Holman, WEB, Lexham)

"I am Jehovah, that is my name" (ASV, Darby, Youngs, Byington)

The NewKJV and many other translations remove and change YHWH all 6973 times to 'Lord' when adonai is not the original Hebrew word used.


Celebrating Christmas Day
//Mussolini and Hitler were not practicing any religion//- Cluny.

I haven't said they were practicing any religion. What the RCC is completely guilty of is giving these fascists support and credence. The RCC is absolutely complicit in supporting fascist characters who brought death and misery to millions during the last century.

Like Hitler, Mussolini signed a concordat with the Catholic church because these fascists knew gaining the support of the RCC was imperative to spreading their anti-semitic filth.

If the Jehovah's Witnesses had signed up to these fascist thugs the same way the RCC did, I wonder if Cluny would be so apologetic to the JW's?

Bring Back Christmas
The 2 trinitarians taking issue with God's name complain JW's use 'Jehovah' but then are hypocritically happy to use 'LORD' instead. I'm sure their hypocrisy is clearly evident.

Yes 'Yahweh' is closer to the rendering of YHWH. But everyone is happy with 'Jesus' despite the fact Yeshua is a more correct way. I don't hear StrongAxe complaining about the use of 'Jesus'!

God is not a pronunciation Nazi.

So JW's use of 'Jehovah' for God [YHWH], and 'Jesus' for the Son of God is purely because of people's familiarity with them.

On the other hand, changing God's personal name YHWH to adonai as trinitarians Cluny and StrongAxe advocate is a blatant abuse of scripture.

Bring Back Christmas
//So the Watchtower has created a doctrine//

Another ridiculous statement from StrongAxe.

So the Watchtower wrote these ancient manuscripts in existence today which contain God's personal name Jehovah [YHWH]? Suggesting such a thing would be in the realms of stupidity. The evidence is abundant- ancient manuscripts in existence today contain God's personal name- YHWH. StrongAxe needs to suck it up.

Either StrongAxe is in denial of the truth or he is complicit with the dangerous practice of removing God's personal name, and replacing it erroneously with a title such as adonai or kyrios all 6973 times!

A dangerous practice which anyone engaged in or complicit with must pay heed to Rev.22:19!

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