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Not Being Persecuted
Rita H I think your response will be most helpful as it may be that Chira did have a wrong understanding of just what persecution is. Like you mention persecution can come in forms other than the severe torture that many are suffering in other countries. God Bless.

Not Being Persecuted
I could not agree with the moderator more!! You'd better have a THICK skin. God bless.

After The Resurrection
Thanks everyone for your input.
If the resurrected body is tangible how was it Christ was able to walk through a wall? I was wondering if the resurrected body could be composed of spirit but able to manifest itself as angels did in the old testament? That would account for the way Christ could appear and disappear at will.

I Really Like My Youth Pastor
I understand what you're saying completely buy it may cause problems in the church because you're under age.Question for you as well, I like my youth leader he is also a youth pastor he is 21 and I'm 18 but I'm about to graduate in 8 weeks still in youth. Do you think it's wrong for me to be more than just friends? Hes not even able to take me home by myself which he only lives right around the corner from me. I'm planning on moving in a few mnths and then coming back in a few yrs would that make a difference on the rules as to when I come back if the same rules apply I'll be at least 20 or 21 & to the girl who wrote the post your feelings are normal and sometimes it's hard to control it but until you're 18 it will cause problems.

I HATE My Wife
Hello Geo,
I have just started reading a book titled: Equipped to Love by Norm Wakefield that came highly recommended by someone
who felt the same as you do towards their mate. They found it immensely helpful. Here is the ISBN I-892754-00-2
Your marriage can be turned around. I'm praying for you.

What's Up August 2013
Lidia 4796 Hi again. Busy month for me...doing pickling and canning. Plus we are going away for 10 days the middle of Sept. so busy preparing for that. Will be able to visit here more often in the winter. God Bless dear sister.

What's Up August 2013
Hi lidia4796,
I last sent a note to you in "What's up July 2013". How are you doing? To answer your question, I am a sister, not a brother. Making new friends is great. So many on here bite and devour each other, but you have a kind word for all. Keep up the good work.

Are There Two Witnesses
Cluny, Re Enoch not dying. How does one explain Hebrews 11 where it lists many of the faithful including Enoch and in verse 13 says "These all died in faith not having received the promise..."?

Are You Born Again
I believe that the scriptures show (John 3) that being "born again" refers to our being changed from mortal to immortality at the resurrection and not to the receiving of the Holy Spirit at our baptism. Therefore, I would say, no, I am not "born again" as yet.

What's Up July 2013
Hi lidia4796 I do not get on here too often...maybe once a week. I'm not sure I understand how you would like us to communicate. Would you please explain again. Thank you.

What's Up July 2013
Hello lidia4796 So sorry to hear that you have cancer. Some time ago I used to read the blog and always found Elena to be a most loving person. And then later when I came back you were not on and I did wonder what had happened to you. Never thought about a name change. Anyway lidia I will be praying for you. May God pour out on you every spiritual blessing.

Is God Punishing Oklahoma
Jude verse 9 says: "But Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil, diputing about the body of Moses, did not presume to pronounce a reviling judgment against him, but said, "The Lord himself rebuke you."
Does this not show a distinction between Christ and Michael?

Salvation For Everyone
Rita H : Right On!!

How To Celebrate Christmas
Christmas means nothing to me. I do not celebrate it in any form because there is no truth in it. Christ was not born on Dec. 25 as everyone can know if they read history books. This fact is not hidden. The Bible nowhere tells us to celebrate Christ's birth. However, it does tell us to remember His death by keeping the N.T. Passover with the emblems of the bread and wine. As is becoming more evident all the time, true Christians are hated around the world. Why then would the world (every nation keeps Christmas in some form) keep a "Christian" observance? Christmas is not Christian. You cannot put Christ back into something He was never in. The last few verses of Deut.12 are a good guide.

How Did Paul Come To Christ
Hello Mark_V John 6:44 states that no man can come to Christ except the Father draws him. We all have to be called by God before we can come to Christ. Paul's calling happened on the road to Damascus. Re: free choice: Many are called, few are chosen. Those chosen are those who respond to the call.

What Is The True Church
Hi micha8489 The true church of God is made up of those people who have repented of their sins, been baptized, had hands layed on them for the receiving of the Holy Spirit and are now walking in newness of life.

Christian To Marry A Catholic
As christians, we all have forgotten (Catholics/ Protestant, etc) that we are to love each other. That is the gospel of Christ. I wonder why we spend time seperating ourselves with minor differences than building a united force and spreading the word so that those who don't know Christ can be saved. No denomination is more superior, when we think this way our behaviour becomes cultic. Jesus Christ will come and judge the hearts of men, so lets all work on our hearts.

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