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Baptism Gone Wrong
Nothing in the scriptures tells whether penitents were baptized clothed or naked. As the minimum public clothing in Judea and Galilee was a tunic for women and a loincloth for men there is no reason to suppose that penitents were baptized wearing any less.
Outside Jewry slaves and the very poor might be "naked," that is clothed with only a loincloth, as the Greeks and Romans were not freaked out by women's breasts and nipples. The masters of the slaves might reserve more covering clothing for winter, and the very poor might do likewise.

Was 2020 Election Stolen
"Not being a native of this country our pledge of allegiance, and to the republic for which it stands, won't appeal to a demo-socialist."
The pledge of allegiance was originated by a...socialist. The only oath of allegiance before the "pledge" gained popularity was the oath to support the constitution, required of all public officers, federal and state.
"Francis Julius Bellamy (May 18, 1855 August 28, 1931) was an American "Christian" socialist minister and author,[1] best known for writing the original version of the US Pledge of Allegiance in 1892."
[1] "Grand Lodge of BC and Yukon profile of Bellamy". Freemasonry . bcy . ca.
"" around "Christian" added.

Date A Blind Woman
"Do you apply the same 'I suffer not a woman to teach' yardstick to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Amy Coney Barrett, Paula Jones, Joyce Meyer, etc., or only to women you don't like?"
---StrongAxe on 1/26/21
These women are not teachers in the church (ekklesia = assembly). This scripture is addressed to the church, not to the civil government.
Women in positions of authority are a symptom of the desperate condition of a society. When Deborah was raised up as a judge of Israel, the nation was in a low point. The field marshal, Barak, refused to (take the army) go to battle unless Deborah was present.

Woman Divorced Three Times
The unpardonable sin was ascribing the miraculous works of Jesus, performed by the power of the holy Spirit, to the devil.
For men to see such wondrous works before their very eyes and then to give the credit to Satan was a symptom of hearts harder than diamond against the Spirit. The reason that this was called the unpardonable sin was that such hardness will not repent. Jesus knew their wicked hearts better than they knew themselves.

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