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Baptism Gone Wrong
Sorry you find the Bible perverse.

Baptism Gone Wrong
While some instances of Jesus' nakedness might be subject to debate, the crucifixion is not. I've researched scores of historical and theological documents concerning the crucifixion. JESUS WAS CRUCIFIED FULLY NAKED. That ship has sailed. All historical and scholarly information is clear. That doesn't stop the fringe believers from desperately trying to contrive an exception. And yes, I've seen all those arguments too! Folks saying 'oh, in this case, the Romans were carefully paying deference to Jewish customs. And Jewish custom would have assured that Jesus had a diaper to wear. Yeah right, what else did the Romans do? Ask 'Savior, may we bring you a drink? A cold beverage perhaps?' while they were torturing Him to death?

Baptism Gone Wrong
Sounds like a lot of haters of naked baptism. Jesus was born naked baptized naked, washed the saints feet naked and yes, crucified naked. There will always be those who will contrive anything to keep from facing the truth. As Dr. Bart Ehrman says 'it's possible to reconcile anything if you try hard enough.' I really wish people would READ THE BIBLE.

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