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Is My Husband A Christian
Thanks for the recommemnded reading. I am excited to check out anything that may bring light to my situation. Divorce is still not out of the picture since my husband thinks I really want and need a spiritual leader for my mate. He also doesn't want to always feel inferior or know that I feel he is inferior in some way. But I can't help what I feel now. It is not like I married an unbeliever. Even though I knew he was struggling these last two years (even though he was in church leadership) in his Christian walk, I had no idea he was so far down the "doubting path"

Is My Husband A Christian
Thanks to all who have responded. Now that the shock has worn off, I see more clearly. My husband is telling me (and showing me) that he wants to stay married and he loves me dearly. Still many thoughts have raced through my head. Since this was such a surprise, (when our firstborn son died 8 years ago he was my rock, even pulled me out of bed to get on our knees and pray when I would have nightmares) I can't help but feel that another "shock" is on the horizon. Please pray that my thoughts will not become paraniod.

Is My Husband A Christian
One thing that is really attacking MY faith now is that our last two pastors (we recently moved to a new city) both befriended him quickly and personally asked him for help in church leadership. Why didn't the Holy Spirit convict them to make a wiser choice? He is smart (PhD) good looking, very charming, and fun. I get why they want to be friends with him. But is he really that good an actor? These men are excellent pastors, where is their discernment?

Cancer Treatment Side Effects
I feel like that the medical community needs to come up with better ways to treat cancer. Yes I know cancer is a bad thing to get, but when they treat someone with chemo and radiation, while it is killing the cancer it is also killing other parts of you and your immune system to make you weak and feeble. If something makes all your hair and teeth fall out, it can't really be a good thing for you. It is like giving you aids after you get cancer. if you can survive it, you can say it saved your life. But my brother died of "cancer" after he got all the treatments, just like a ton of other people I know. It also cost the families a fortune to pay after they die for the treatments and doctors. There has to be a better way.

Mentally Abusive To My Wife
Learn what it means to be married to God.
This is a life time relationship.
Only he knows your Heart.
If it is his will for this marriage in the natural, He will heal it.
This woman needs to heal.
He should be your priority.

Who Was Melchizedek
No record since he has no beginning of days or end of life..etc..Heb7:3:
*Melchizedek(hebrew spelling)Three words:combined...
1.)melek,iy(Strong's 4427) means king or prince...
2.)meleky or melchi means king of...
3.)tsedeq-right or righteous(Stong's 6664)Melchizedek means King of Righteousness
*Jerusalem(Strong's 3389-founded peaceful more definitions,please look up...
*Salem(Strong's8001- 8004)peaceful,an early name of Jerus,--Salem.

Biggest Challenge For Church
PH2-IF therefore ANY consolation in Christ,any confort of love,FELLOWSHIP of the Spirit,any bowels & mercies,Fulfil ye my joy,that ye be lIKE MINDED,having the SAME LOVE,BEING of ONE ACCORD,of ONE MIND.NOTHING be done through stife or Vainglory,but in lowliness of mind let each ESTEEM other Better than themselves.Look not every man on his own things, but everyman also on the things of others.Let this MIND be IN you,which was also IN Christ Jesus...

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
I guess kids are inherently mean. I had my heart broken today when I chaparroned a field trip to a park and drove two girls with my son. One said, "Oh we get to go with the weird kids mom" My kid is different and I am afraid that these are comments he'll be facing for years to come. I lectured the girl and she apologized, but I saw my son with different eyes and now I just want to hold him and protect him from little jerks, but I know I can't and that these are what he has to face.

Can Drunks Go To Heaven
Do prescription drug addicts go to heaven?
Do smokers go to heaven?
Do gamblers go to heaven?
Do gluttons go to heaven?
Do thiefs go to heaven?
Do liars go to heaven?
Do pedophiles go to heaven?
Do murderers go to heaven?

What are the degrees of sin that keep you from heaven?

How Did You Get Saved
P the E, I find your doctrine resistable. I don't believe it, why are so busy trying to convince us that you are one of the chosen?

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
Renee, repent and seek the deliverance that only Jesus Christ can give you. This is way beyond normal. It appears as if a spirit of witchcraft is in operation here.

Help To Lose 120 Pounds
Hi Abby, I know many Chrisians who've had the procedure with no problems and severe complications. Go to seminars-talk to patients for pro/con info. Check accredited doctor's track record! (who REQUIRES PostOpt support meeting/psychological testing PreOpt). What need is fed by overeating - not always hunger. This surgery is definitely not a quick-fix. You will never eat the same, your body will definitely change(inside & out), and you will take vitamins for the rest of your life. Go Armed with an abundance of information & support. God Bless You to make the decision that's best for you!!

I Want My Date To Give Me Money
Do yourself a big favor and dump him now. I have seen people like this before, and believe me they don't change!

Family To Cope With Suicide
I am truly sorry for your loss! I lost my dad to suicide on March 10,1982 try to find a Christian based support group or if you attend a church ask for support. Talk to Jesus He understands and will see you through. I will be praying for you and please know that with time the intense pain you feel right now will pass. Please feel free to contact me if you would like my support. Your friend in Christ, Char

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