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Can God Heal A Diabetic
Off course my dear, in psalm 103:3 tells us he healeth all diseases.

Best Marriage Tips
The best way to have a great marriage is to keep God in the mist remember marriage is of God.

My best marriage tips are:

1.Pray togather- the family that prays together stays together.

2.Treat each other with love and respect

3.Have fun together

4.Encourage one another

5.Always compliment each other.

Let Anyone Lay Hands On You
Wow why would we let someone who is blaming God for everything bad in her life with such of spirit like that lay hands on us for physical healing, that spirit she have in her could only move in us, plus if she blame God for all bad things happen to her then where she expect to get power from when she pray for healing. You should be careful who you let lay hands on you especially when it comes to healing, i think that a believer need to have a very close connection with God because most of the time we would say she tell me i'm heal, although it's God who heal us.

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