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Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Thanks Bill, yeah seems to be a case of 'too many cooks'. But, all in all our heart is in the right place.
All objective answers here.
I can write from a standpoint of knowledge and experience of what happens when Gods' Word is disallowed or forgotten.
Finding His promises is in the seeking and asking in faith and confidence.

Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Maybe some of our 'arguments' hinder answers to prayer. We are still so blessed. Some of the revelations we've all experienced are now being disclosed.
Maybe some of our writing is not as specific as we want it to be.
I might have painted a cloudy picture of our study. We did pray.
But, it may not have been as effective as it could have been because of doubt interjected (years previously?) from some not knowing the overall meaning of Jesus sacrifice.
The truth does hurt,(physically and mentally) especially if having been neglected for long periods of time. Maybe I have to take this into account when interacting with older folks. This is where trust and faith in Christ have to have been established early in our lives.

Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Christ died for all of us. This is supernaturally revealed. We then want to serve in some capacity.
To attack each other using scripture because of misinterpretation of what someone wrote, is something we should not be doing.
In our study last week, I was prayed for as if the person had some insight into my problems.
The insight they had was from gossip and/or their perception from judgment on appearence. It was as if they esteemed themselves as knowing some hidden fault of mine.
Please do not try to disect every word I write.
1st Cor 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power.
Power over our interpersonal carnal nature, and than power and confidence in prayer. Thank You Jesus our Light.

Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Dear mew, My question is not a lie. It needs to be addressed.
Too many people are writing books and have no practical knowledge of the overall purpose of why Christ became our sacrifice.
Some of these books pull us in the wrong direction, and compound assessment without reason.
Some of these books and/or movies if not spiritually discerned can create an improper judgmental biased attitude in someones thought patterns.
Than, when trying to find the truth later may be very difficult for them, because they will have to dispel volumes of 'clinical' or 'median' test results, thus categorizing people into groups and shifting focus to worldly pursuits.
Maybe this part of the reason for our prescription drug epidemic today?

Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Dear more excellent way, I admire your conviction, but maybe you should change your name to 'more excellent translation'. Maybe you can be vindicated here. Maybe you should join a monestary.
Maybe you should consider a career in law or speculation. I think I'm going into poetry. lol
You speak as though you have some special intuition or prophetic gift to determine the truth. We can only prophsie in part. Because, don't forget we all lie.
But, in the same instance, we all are the truth. Jesus is truth. Life is truth. How do we arrive at this?
The truth is searching for understanding in patience. I will continue to search.
Thank You Father God for Your provision for salvation through Jesus our Christ.

Church With No Prayer Or Bible
Haha Cluny, you're part right. But, I'm just trying to bring awareness.
Maybe people really can't find the truth and build faith in Christ because we've been misled so long.
Is that sort of like the ancient Isrealites or Egyptians?
I was told 'don't read that' out of 1st Kings chapter 8, when Soloman was praying for forgivness.
If people do not want to know the road to repentance and forgivness, I am free of obligation there.
Did someone just call me a bigot? Did you spit on me, too? lol
That's why Jesus came the first time. To show us how wrong we are sometimes?

Can Christians Smoke Cigs
This reminds me of the civil unrest in third world countries. (or in developed countries for that matter)
People use unnecessary substances for their economies, eventually come to Christ, their culture falls apart because they turn away from God as their fullfillment.
They don't understand they have to stay in prayer through Christ, and depend exclusively on His presence every day.
They become lax in their standards of worship and return to (idolatry/worship) using the things that rob them of health and blessings, becoming ever more negatively inclined in the process, till, in their later years, they become similar to the pharisees Jesus rebukes.

Cast Not Pearls Before Swine
It may in fact be literal.
People nowdays are more loving and caring for their pets than they are for their fellow humans, or even themselves.

How To Maintain Salvation
This world seems to defile our principles.
With so much 'acceptance' and degradation being 'allowed' today, we are continually being presented with occasions to witness in truth and discipline or complacentcy and apathy.
Our attitude depreciates as we age. This can only be realized with experience. Discipline and kind works can only help our cause.
In the old testament God had the Levites performing rituals as His priests.
In the new testament, since Gods' Spirit is more widely dispersed and available to all, through belief in His Son Jesus, our Christ, our messiah, our teacher, our king, then we need to act as Jesus did and love God with all our heart soul and mind.

Idolatry To Wear A Cross
The cross is a reminder of Jesus' sacfrifice for us.
At the time everyone was doing as they saw fit, progressively compounding error throughout every generation.
Maybe it was Gods' way of giving us something tangible to hold close. Jesus is loving and gentle, as our Almighty Father is. Jesus always wanted to teach and exemplify mercy and compassion and patience.
If there was more of Christ in our hearts, we would be far better as a species.
Now that technology and greed are twisting our priorities, we need to focus more than ever on praise and worship of this symbol of charity, not so much on materialism or images, but on the message of redemption, resolve and virtue.

Idolatry To Wear A Cross
Somewhere along the way, the term 'luck' has replaced the word blessings.

Why the fervor? Why the insistance on maintaining a symbol of grace and forgiveness and humility and suffering, of kindness and patience?
Maybe evil forces are trying to wipe out evidence of what happened and the road to salvation to distract our minds into no longer searching for these qualities by abolishing reference to God through Jesus Christ the only truth.

With virtue and obedience to Gods precepts come blessings.

With immorality and ignorance come curses.

Life has flourished over the course of the last few centuries, due in part to propagation of the Word of God. When we begin to suppress this, life will begin decline.

Do You Have Liberty In Christ
Following every do or don't in the Bible is obviously impossible. But, they will point us in the right direction.
Understanding has to be sought for. People in the old testament were in an entirely different culture than we're used to. The new testament actually clarifies and dismisses millenia of self-exultation.
God used only a few people to record history in old testament. Now, after Christ, since the Holy Spirit is more widely dispersed, and with a wider knowledge of what God wants from us, and the nurturing and growth of the fruit of Gods' Spirit of which St. Paul speaks of, yes, that is emerging liberty in Jesus our Christ.

Most Effective Evangelism Methods
'Personal evangelism' begins with fellowship. And is maintained with daily prayer and example and reading of Gods' Word.
The Old Testament is accusing and self-righteous sounding, leading to conviction of our inner selves, but sometimes in our early pursuit, can induce feelings of superiority.
Both the New and Old Testaments, authored by Jesus Christ and Gods' Holy Spirit, provides food for age, growth, sustenance, understanding and comfort for our frailties.
The New Testament is still being written here with our witnessing and actions.
Unfortunately, 'education' has given us excess time for too many 'diversions'.

Break Free Of My Addictions
This shows that we are trying to find the answers, that we are trying to help ourselves and each other.
We are going to be forgiven a lot of things, if we can forgive.
Identifying problems is the first step in solving them.
We are taught aggression and greed and intimidation.

Break Free Of My Addictions
Sugar was my first drug. Some could call it an instrument of bribery. Then TV with all of its pacification encouraged my laziness.
With the advancements they've made in psychological programming in recent decades, it is no wonder there is an increase in medicine and decline in faith.
People are going to have to start over if they can't afford their 'psych' drugs (prescription, booze, weed, tobacco, crack, etc.) when we want to dump all the aggression we've accumulated in our minds.
Now, after having discovered Gods' mercy and grace, I will not fathom blocking the view of Jesus' light by taking unnecessary drugs.

Break Free Of My Addictions
The whole point is realizing our need for God instead of mind altering 'feel good' to 'fit in' chemical abuse, as compared to disciplining our lifesyles and being clearheaded enough to be sure of and of having Jesus truth revealed to us as He promised.
Having been through rehab on a few different occasions, I did great with the prayer and support while there. But, after leaving this safety net without my own further observance of Godly priciples and prayer, led to my eventuall turning back to and dependence on things that cloud my judgement, and sabotaged Gods true blessings for me.

Break Free Of My Addictions
Good post Eloy. We can't recover without our own effort. It goes back to what Paul said about seeing the need to change, and than asking for help from Jesus and God almighty - everyday - not just once a week.
When a persons actions and thought patterns become unmanagable without using recreational substances and they lose focus of the importance of reverance for God and for life, this is when unnecessary substances evolve into dangerous actions.

Break Free Of My Addictions
Addiction to Jesus Christ is the answer! Great suggestion!
"Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him."
(John 14:21)
Prayer and constant searching for Gods help and avoiding instances of exposure to whatever makes us weak will in fact make us stronger in the long term.
In todays world there are more ways of enticement to fall than ever before. The only way to nurture the Holy Spirit in us is through prayer and reading Gods Word.
Youth and innocence only last so long.

Break Free Of My Addictions
I also cried for monthes. After having been negligent of the Lord Jesus for years and years, I think this was out of disgust of myself for not having made any observance or any provision to honor Him as being savior.
There is no repentance without tears.
Addiction distorts perception and priorities and is similar to idolatry in the old testament. Unfortunately it is a growing problem in America, because the powers that be want to treat the resultant confused person with more drugs or psychology, instead of with giving the individual better understanding of why we need prayer and devotion and belief and reading of the Bible to see the overall point of why Jesus is our friend.

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