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Are All Sins Equal To God
An evil heart of unbelief is probably the most serious condition a person can could find themselves in. That is total spiritual bankruptcy from which all other sins thrive. Each person will be judged according to works. For Christians, it will mean to recieve rewards or loss of rewards. For a non-Christian, there will be different levels of punishment and certain eternal existence in Hell. For one who knows to "do good but does not do it, to him it is sin". Thanks be to Jesus Christ for His sacrifice or none of us would make it.

Pastoral Collar In Public
I have also noticed that people who wear JESUS t-shirts, crosses, or with bumper-stickers sometimes act in very unloving ways. They seem to forget what their "signs" represent and could be a stumbling block for the weak. If we wear the t-shirt or "collar", then we better remember to be Christ-Like. "Putting on Christ" is more than a title, collar or other symbol but rather an attitude of LOVE.

Don't Add To The Bible
The statement at the end of Revelations is referring to the prophecy of that particular book. But as the other bloggers mention, there are other references that warn against changing the word of God at all.

Is Islam The AntiChrist's Religion
Any religion that does not recognize the deity of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial gift, is Antichrist. The spirit of Antichrist existed when Jesus walked the earth and still exists. The MAN who must conquer and is referred to as the ANTICHRIST, will be very obvious to believers when He takes control. He will actually outlaw Christianity and many will be persecuted and martyred for believing in Jesus.

Most Dangerous Preacher
The Holy Spirit teaches and leads us when we diligently seek the Lord. The Bible teaches that we actually need no man to teach us as the Spirit will teach each man/neighbor. This is not to say that we should isolate and not listen to those who are anointed to teach/preach. But it does mean that each person has the capacity to access Gods wisdom and is ultimately responsible before God and only to God. In the end, false teachers/preachers will be judged but by the same token, each Christian will be held responsible and cannot use excuses of false teachers to escape lack of knowledge/wisdom.

Do Guardian Angels Exist
The Bible teaches that angels are very real and there are different kinds of angels with different functions. I do not find, however, where it says that each person is assigned a "gaurdian angel". I think this notion is man made.

Justify Celebrating Halloween
I agree that Halloween is just another pagan celebration that Christians compromise their beliefs to follow after. It is sad to say but I think that we find almost any reason to PARTY. I have no idea as to what God will say on judgement day regarding our participation in rituals. I fear for us.

Signs Of A False Prophet
A prophet of God will hold to what is taught in the Bible. No variation. It is true that false prophets may seem to perform miraculously but their folly will be apparent. Pray for discernment. I also caution against those who are making big bucks as the Bible warns against those who practice for "selfish gain". Gain is NOT GODLINESS. That does not mean that all who have money are false, but one should use caution re following after rich so called prophets. Also, I have found that the nature of what the prophet is discussing can be an indication. Is it all about prosperity? Are they fortune tellers? Always stick with the WORD OF GOD (the Bible) and pray for God's leading and not MAN's leading.

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