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Tithe To A Family Member
I do not believe the tithe(10% law) is for Christians today, However, I do believe in giving. Our gifts should be used for God to spread his gospel and further his kingdom.

This does NOT include a family member thats going through hard times or just has bad habits financial or otherwise.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
with charismatics, when an anointed person ministers to people by the laying on of hands, its common for that person to fall down onto the floor. but that doesnt mean that it happens all the time every time.
---opalgal on 12/30/08

Again, this is NOT biblical. This never happens anywhere in scripture.

"slain in the spirit" is a charismatic term
---opalgal on 12/30/08

It is a term made up by man, it is NOT a "biblical term"

READ the question opalgal!

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
Again, the question is "is being slain in the spirit biblical?" And again the answer is NO. No where in the bible does anyone lays hands on someone else and they fall down in the spirit.

People have fallen out in the spirit (Saul) but this was done only by the holy spirit and no human were involved initiating this process.
People like Benny Hinn perform this practice to put themselves on a pedestal.

The truth is, the manner in which these people perform this practice week in and week out was never done according to the scriptures.

For the most part, it makes for great show.

Pastor Charging For Services
Paul was a tentmaker. That is how he earned his income and sustained himself. Not by charging for his God appointed duty.
He took collections, but this was not for his income, this was to fund the missionary work.

Must Pastors Be Educated
A preacher must be called by God and only God can call someone to this position. This is not a job you can ever inherit. I don't believe a preacher must or has to go to "school" to be qualified. He must have extensive knowledge of scripture and be called by God. These are both necessary qualifications

I Need A Good Pastor In Church

I generally do not go around voicing my opinion about everything to everybody. I will wait for God to create the atmosphere and opportunity for me. But the KEY is when that opportunity arrives you KNOW it, don't run or be afraid of peoples judgment.(like a lot of these pastors)
Stick to your values, you will have people respond in many ways and there will be some that oppose you, sometimes (in my case), greatly. Some will embrace you and God will use you tremendously.
Knowing your scriptures well will help give you confidence.
In plain English, don't be a sell out!
With this attitude, God can use you mightily.

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