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World Is Hard For Teenagers
Encourage Micah to do what I did. because when i was 14 years i thaughte as Micah,i started to compromise, drink a little, celebrate a little. soon it became too much drinking, and it became drugsabuse, i found out that the world itself was WAY harder then the little oppressions of this world when youre a christian. until the LORD brought me back. since that time i took great advantage of all the Christian activities arround me and soon i stopped smoking then drinking & by the power of the LORD. and the more "boring my life was according my friends", the more fun i had (and still have) with My Christ. if that is an evangelical bubble and not seeing reality, so be it, by the way Micah focus on Christ HE is so much fun.

Favorite Bible Preacher
all bible speakers are mouthpieces of God. i can not like a style, yet what that man says is truth because it is the bible. he can somletimes speak against my doctrines, but that simply means that i need to enterin the inner study pray and ask God what is good, and what is bad? to judge my fellow servant is not mine to do. I thank God for the lives of many servants of God, and no they are not faultless, thank God for that too.

Metal Music Good As A Christian
Sorry my mistake, you said : The jumping fast Praise is exactly like the African Pagan Drum dance. They jump due to the drum beat nothing more!
but that still proves you know nothing about African music. Listen my friend your church is against dancing in church ? no problem, but it is easyer to find scriptures that command dancing then scriptures that forbid them. so Bibilcally spoken you are in the wrong read psalm 149, 150 only two examples.

Secretly Attracted To A Man
Dear Ebony, in such a case you should see your pastor, and ask him advice, prayers and intervention,

Biggest Mistakes Christians Make
Dear John, why did you say G-D instead of GOD? is that not exactely what you acuse other christians of? do you say that God is so HOLY AS NOT AGAIN TO PRONOUNCE hIS NAME? However that is doctrines of men as well , it is easy to attack others, but let us attack ourself so we will not fall under judgement. no i do not nessecary agree with everything these preachers preach, but on the other hand nobody ever agrees 100 percent with someone else. and we all think the same: i am good and the other is bad. let ma ask just two questions
did Mahamed receive his revelations from God?
did Mahamed believe he received revelations from God?
if you answer honnestly upon these questions
you will also find the biggest mistake we ALL make.

He Doesn't Wash His Hands
dear Kay how could you not have seen this before you two where married? really i am shocked by this. but if it was not a problem before you married it iqs difficult to change that now, learn to live with it (or have a shower installed in the entrance of your bedroom so that everytime he enters he gets a good washing (lol)

Ted Haggard Starts Church
i think only time will tell wether from God or a scam hush now for we Could fight the Holy Spirit look see and pray that it is frfom GOD

God Told Me Who To Marry
deffenately, here in Africa it is the surest way to ghet a good partner, but this is HOW it works
1 you receive a revelation
2 you go to the pastor of your church who prays with you until HE ghets a confirmation in his heart
3 he aproaches the person
4 if the person agrees, toghether they ask God to reveal and pray toghether until that confirmation commes.
quite different then just think its rom God now.

Do Men Have Woman Authority
dear betty a man has authority over his wife, AS CHRIST over the church, does Christ bully yel and so forth? no man has any authority over my wife, and i am there to make sure any man remembers that, a pastor may have authority over my wife as her spiritual leader, but that is a question of Christian authority. it is true that there are still men who live in the stone ages of before Moses. may God help them to ghet deliverance.

Nine Catholic Commandments
in reality the catholics have exactely the same ten commandements as any other Christian, they only use another style of divding them then us non-catholics. thats all. it is true however that they do not mention the words images and statues in their ten commandements because there are to many of those things in their church for whom they do bow down (however they do not bow down to them). as forbidden in the ten.

You Are Going To Hell
it is difficult to say this to a person that does not believ in anything, they take this as a joke.

Was Nostradamus A False Prophet
Nostradamus is of the devil he had to drink himself in a stupor to vommit his predictions.

name ONE biblical prophet who did that? and it is true that three quarters of his predictions could be explained in a way that it seems correct but three quarters is still only 75 percent, what did God say about a prophet whos prophecies do not come out?
personally i never prophecied anything that did not come out later.

Church Music Is Too Loud
you know what i really like about churchmusic? however it is often the worst sang out of tone, with musicians who would ghet beerbottles thrown to their heads if they played in a bar, nobody cares, for it is done to God's Glory and everyone is doing his/her best.

Metal Music Good As A Christian
METAL IS LIKE AFRICAN PAGAN DRUMBEATS? wow you never was in Africa before that is obvious

Should Wife Have More Kids
Donna, without being judgemental, since i was a part of all that, but how much does the average westerner give for the poor? not you personally , since it is always those who do give that are hurt when such a thing is said, but any average Christian around you. if a missionary comes, how much does that person really put in? and how many times does he do that 100 dollars or euros is a lot, but if it is a one-time giving from someone who has an average 2000 dollars monthly income, it is nothing. when a beggar is on the street, even i was told that some organisations can give a slip for sponsors to ghet a refund from the state on their donation to a good work,

Should Wife Have More Kids
SUSAN 2 now it is calculated that the churches in general spend less then one percent of their budget on missionwork (local and internationaly)and that if not for the work of some notorious TELE evangelists there would be entire regions (EVEN IN THE WEST) banned from the word of God, but then as soon any name of these preachers is mentioned nothing but Critisism is vommited. "they ask too much can they not stop begging and so forth is the common though of general christianity". i do believ i am right when i say that the heart of the west is poor because of their riches.
PS i was not only talking about the US, Europe is even worse.

God Sends Us A Mate
When i was a youth, i came to the Lord. whilst i was praying about a wife, God told me that i was going to meet her on my verry first mission trip, (an awareness, as words formed in the heart) i proclaimed once when someone asked me if i was going to stay a bachelor that i was marrying at age 27. On my first mission one of the Locals was designed to translate for the team(she was the only one that understood english). in the night God spoke to me again, "THIS IS YOUR WIFE" literally.i askzed herhand in marriage, and she said to me that God had shown it in a dream. i went home prepared for the marriage. we are now married for eleven years and i never doubted it is Gods desire.

Can I Marry My Ex-Son-In-Law
No prohibitions in the NEW Testament? was this not exactely the reason for Pauls rebuke to the corinthians? 1 Corinthians 5: 1 please if you love Christ and your own salvation stay away fom this type of abomination. for even the pagans see this as abominable.
Peace in Christ

Christians Marry Muslims
NO you may not, unless your christianity is just something because you are born in England and you have English parents. (in other words then your not even a Christian).

Are Shriners Christian
shriners are people with any religion, an atheist cannot be one, if they are born again Christians? probably that is a question you should ask them. to me they are not

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