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Devil Counterfeits Supernatural
Pharisee - You are WRONG. Pharisee does NOT mean "separated one". Pharisees were the ones that Jesus HIGHLY critisized due to them being full of hypocricy (saying they belonged to God, when they really did NOT). If Jesus HIGHLY critisized them, then why would you want to have your name be one of them, which stands for anti-God, if you are a TRUE Christian. This makes me question whether or not you truly belong to God or to the devil. This is also part of knowing TRUE supernatural from the FALSE (decerning spirits - wheat from tares).

Should I Divorce My Husband
I do not support divorce beacuse Jesus did not support it under no circumstance. Ask yourself: if it is Jesus, will He divorce? As long as the Bible enjoins us to be imitators of Christ. My advice is that you invite the Holy Spirit to help you to forgive your husband and pray that he surrenders his life to Christ for a trustwhorthy/successful marriage.

God bless you.

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