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Origin Of Catholic Church
Your argument essentially claimed that Jesus set up no church at all. while many will agree that the Church arose around Peter's church in Jerusalem, and Paul's scattered churches, the gospels were not intent on setting up church heirarcy. their purpose was quite different.

Protestant Or Catholic Bible Right
Helen you took them out of the canon..they were canonical..You continue to lie and in general spread evil nasty ideas....shame on you...The Catholic Bible is the fundies decided you didnt want to follow certain books, so you took them much for sola scriptura once again.

Early Human Fossils
given the utterly childish untrue and fantastic response by our so-called moderator, what's the point of discussing it? Fundies can't change their mind, their faith is utterly dependent on ignoring the real world in favor of a fantasy that is warm and fuzzy.

How Did We Get Different Races
any good book on biology would tell you should you want a real answer. Its about melanin and Vitamin D.

OK For Christian To Leave
nana, what has all this to do with the question at hand?

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
Mark...I never said any such thing...If you intend to speak speak the truth.

Did God Inspire The Bible
yes Jim I know you believe that...Can you prove it?

Are There True Prophets
catherine, please state the studies/articles, books that say that there is a correlation between violence in school and the instutition of separation of church and state?

Paul's Letters From God
where did Paul say that his letters were considered scripture?

Did God Inspire The Bible
would that one of you could prove that the bible is God's perfect word..But alas you cannot, so I guess its your OPINION again.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
andrea you couldnt say that with a straight face if we were face to face. Give it a rest. It's just the need to make others other so you can feel your better. Get a church girl. Why do you people persist in telling us the "truth". you can almost never agree among yourself.

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
And the Church warns us as, do most psycologists, of the dangers of fundamentalism. We understand your problem. So like just don't worry about us...We have been doing fine since long before you formed your "one-person" church.

Do We Serve The Same God
Hopefully Jesus will return tomorrow and and Jesus and the 6 of you who are holy enough can enjoy the earth for eternity. You people may be the most hate-filled i've ever encountered. Not one of you understands Jesus or his message....

Peter Head Of Catholic Church
If the Catholic church is so bad, why do so many of you keep starting forum topics on it? I would think you would find us too dangerous to be near. You might be corrupted. and Tommy, You were never Catholic since you have no clue what the Church is about.

How To Identify Bloggers
bob you need say nothing. I'm hoping the people who run this cite, from whatever country they are from will modernize it and make it user friendly instead of this format which discourages real debate and good exegesis.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
Helen you do have a way of turning logic on its head. You can't use that quote for everything you disagree with. perhaps you might trying THINKING for a change.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
trey, because they did break away after 1500 years. Your attempt to distort history to provide a basis for your existance as a "true" church of how every many you have, 10 or 30 people, just won't work though I know you desperately need it to.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
the only game those who read the bible by themselves are ahead of is the game to create a new church every week by somebody who has understood it "correctly" where no one else has.

OK For Christian To Leave
Jesus said divorce was only acceptable for adultery. Don't you follow the Word on that?

Did God Inspire The Bible
excellent post ryan. There is no consistency in how people treat scripture even among our fundie brethren. They are literalists when it suits them and not when it suits them. The Church has given a pretty good definition which I find extremely useful. It is unerring in matters necessary to faith and salvation, period.

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