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I Married A Lazy Man
My husband of 12 years refuses to get a full-time job or help with any house work unless I ask! I stayed at home for 5years and took care of everything. Bills,household, groceries ..etc
.now we are in massive debt due to him not helping with money. I work full-time and also do all the household work as well ..I've tried talking with him since this has been over 2yrs. I love my husband but think it's unfair that he won't help with anything ..I've been patient and understanding but that only goes so far with finances. I'm ready to leave I think because I don't know what else to do. He is always on the internet while I'm working. Please help..anyone :(

Let's Exchange Marquee Sayings
Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.

Move On After Broken Heart
Hey, I recently went through a break up myself I was convinced he was the one but guess what he had other plans.. and than he would want me back I went back and then he wouldnt need me.. I felt like a yo-yo and that shouldnt be.. I believe God has more than one person out there for you but we just have to be patient also when other people ask about you guys just say whats ment to be will be you dont have to go into the whole story because thats like reopening the wound.. Trust in God he will supply your needs.. I know its tough but at least you can figure out what you want you dont have to arrange your day around someone elses plans..

Should Abortion Be A Choice

The question posed was about abortion. You were clearly bothered by my response because your reaction to my answer was to to tell everyone that if they are against abortion their words are hollow if they are unable to address all the injustices with the same vigor as they do with abortion. Who is capable of that? Not me and not you. God endows everyone with specific passions, gifts and experiences. Individually we are not capable of your very complaint. That is why God calls us the Body of Christ. A body is made up of many, many parts, all working for the Glory of God. One person's passion may be to fight war, another to serve the elderly, some to teach, etc. I spoke from personal experience and biblical doctrine about abortion.

Praying For A Good Wife
I heard something really great recently.If you want a wife and you believe that God will be the one to bring you to her, then you should be seeking God and not the wife. If you follow Him, He will lead you to her. Stop focusing on what you want and instead focus on what He wants for you. Your compulsive thinking about this subject may be the very reason you haven't found her yet.

Judgement Day On May 2011
I spent 2 full years studying Precept's Revelation and I could go on and on about the signs to come and the many things I learned, but the primary conclusion at the end of two years was this: It is Coming and Be ready! Who cares when it comes, hallelujah it's coming! ,) I know most people look at this and think dooms day, night of the living dead. But I look at it as FINALLY there is an end to this. This world has too much pain. Don't get too freaked out though, it won't all happen swiftly. First we're raptured - no one agrees when they think it will happen, then later we come back and reign on earth for a thousand years before the final end. It will be a while before everything ends here on earth. You can be assured the end won't be in 2011.

Is The Bible Literal
Things to know about the Bible: 1. It is God breathed and His Inherent word. 2. With all literature there are several kinds of books. In the Bible you have Books of History, Books of song and poetry,Books of prophecy, etc. In books of song, you will see comparison and metaphors. In History books, it is what it says...literally. Look up what kinds of books exist in the bible and then decide based on the type of book what rules must be maintained in order for it to be that kind of book. The bible does not break it's context! If it is a book of history and it says the world was created in literally 7 days, then it is so. Stop arguing about it. Believe in the Bible or don't but stop trying to rewrite the Bible.

Can I Marry A Muslim
I strongly urge to not do this.

2 Corinthians 6:14 "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?"

Marriage is a covenant vow made between you and this man, on a spiritual level. If there is only God and there is only Satan, when you make a covenant vow with a man who does not submit to God then who is he submitting to. With that in mind, who then are you really making that spiritual covenant vow with? I realized it's harsh, but it is God's honest truth. He asks these things of you to keep you safe and provide you an amazing life. Don't turn down his blessings by choosing to do things your way instead of His.

Should Abortion Be A Choice
You said, "I don't condone abortion but I understand it some people feel there is no way out." That's like saying, "I don't condone murder but I understand it some people feel there is no way out." I held my 18wk old twins in my arms.They were born prematurely and the doctors couldn't stop it. Anyone who says a fetus isn't a life is insane. I don't care how bad a situation is, killing your baby makes it worse, not better. A baby is blessing, in spite of your circumstances, and God does not condone abortion. There is no excuse for it. Killing a fetus just because it can not speak for him/herself still makes it or not.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
Welfare is not a sin when it is needed, but it should only be for a time while you get things in order. It should not be a permanent way of providing for your family. If you are not working and living off of welfare then yes I would agree it is a sin. If you are on welfare temporarily for a few years while you get things in order, working the whole time, then no it is not a sin.

Love others as you would yourselves. If you don't want to be taken advantage of, then don't take advantage of others. Government money is OUR money. That's how it goes and that's how God commanded it.

Do You Need A Marriage License
The pastor says, "By the power invested in me (by the state) I now pronounce you husband and wife." God requires us to abide by our state laws, so long as those laws do not lead you astray from His laws. Therefore, if the state required a license to be married, and you are calling yourselves "man and wife" in your state, then a license is required. If you are girlfriend and boyfriend, then don't act like husband and wife either. A license is required to behave as husband and wife.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
I hate spankings, but none-the-less it is crucial. I have found that if I can't get the point across swiftly, only one or two strikes on the bottom, he does not learn.It also seems more effective to use a spatula, not my hand. You don't want them to fear your hands.

I sit him down and explain why he/she is about to have a spanking first and then I spank him. If the occurrence happens again, I don't warn this time, I make it fast and follow it with time out. No counting, no warnings over and over again.

Once we seem to be out of the defiance period he is in I sit down him down and explain again why he was in trouble and I make sure to end it by hugging, zerberts, tickling, something affectionate that leaves him secure.

Unrepented Sin Unforgiven
We are taught from an early age that we are to strive to have Gods qualities and we are called to resemble Him. Everyone who knows the Bible is taught that His forgiveness is contingent on your repentance. We must first turn to God, and humbly recognize our sin, submit to His will and he then forgives us. On the other hand, he says that we are to forgive and turn the other cheek. The church teaches everyone that we are commanded to forgive, even when the other party has not repented of their sin again you. So why am I expected to forgive someone who has not repented, when God will not? Maybe the forgiveness God gives is not the kind of forgiveness He demands of me? Why does there seem to be a contradiction?

Spanking Young Teenagers
Haven't you ever read the verse Proverbs 13:24 "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." There is a time and place where a spanking is the best thing you can do for your child. Spanking is NOT abuse! "the rod" is a tool to spank with. Clearly spanking is ok when done correctly. I don't know about you, but I know many teenagers who if they had received a few spankings would not have turned out the way they did.I realize my response is not PC, but it is biblical. There is a difference between abuse and spanking and they are not the same thing.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
She is lucky to have found you a good Christian guy who values her.I bet you anything she regets it today If you accept her for her failures and all, she needs a man to respect her and be the leader of the house hold. The hurt God can wipe away. I when you look at her you may think of it but as you said you forgave her therefore that means she is fresh again,with you thinking of that constantly may make her think she is used baggage that no one wants.. could go into a depression.. as for her cheating on you in marrage watch her while you date. If she told you that it takes alot of guts the fear of rejection.. Pray about it. and i am guessing she was never married. if she was than I believe her husband would have to die before she could remarry.

Can Satan Hear My Prayers
Satan can hear your prayers if you speak it out loud as you speaks God's word out loud as a "weapon" against satan- God is the "Only" being that is omniscient (All Knowing) who knows all our thoughts---satan cant read your mind---hope this helps-feel free to respond to my email address

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
Luke 11:17 But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falleth.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
1 Timothy 4:3..Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

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