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How To Properly Spank My Kids
DDM jnr Thanbks for that ... it is not custom in my country for people to call tehmselves jnr. Children are usually given quite different Christian names, which mean they can't be confused with their parents..

Are you Duane Dudley Martin jnr the same as the person who used to post here as plain Duane Dudley Martin?

Do you know who Duane is ... he started blogging at about the same time as you?

I usually disagree with Frances ... it's just on this issue that I wholeheartedly agree with what she says.

Will Cloned People Have Spirits
The whole idea is frightening.

Why should we want to do this ... there are enough bodies around already. Is the idea to perpetuate or multiply the whole person of an individual, including his character?

Maybe Richard Dawkins thinks it would be good to clone himself.

But if it does happen, I suppose it could be the proof of the Predestination doctrine, except that it will be man who has created people for glory or destruction.

Can Christians Drink One Beer
Warwick ... Yes ... it would be good to meet! We have discussed from oopposing views, but we remain brothers in Christ.

Betty might be horrified that my friends who share the caast path walk are Christians and we all will have a beer or shandy or cider or even lager, (but we are never drunk) Interestingly, beer here costs less than soft drinks or mineral water, which I think is very wrong.

You should let me know when you plan to come here ... how well do you know the UK ... I live in Bristol

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I am

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